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dtf38: Looking for real and honest
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Real simple. I want someone that is honest, wants to take care of me as much as I do them and wants to enjoy life. I am a guy but I am also a nice guy. I will not ask you for pics, sexting or phone sex. I also prefer I do not get asked. (Yes women ask to) Don't get me wrong I am very sexual person but, I prefer the real thing and with someone I know. I have a son and he is very important to me. I do not have drama. I am a Chef also work a new buisness for myself. I want the rest of my life good and someone to share it. My pics are pretty up to date. (meaning I look the same) I have plenty more if interested. I also can have a shy side at first. (maybe it is from past) so you might see that I have been by your site, Just because I do not say anything does not mean I am not interested. I do not mind the woman making first contact though. Age is not an issue either way, if you are younger then me and its there I just expect a bit of maturiaty (like not wanting to party every night) Hope to hear from you.....

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I prefer that quiet alone time to be able to get to know you and see if something is there. But, in this day and age I know in this day and age you have to be careful. So I would be open to pretty much anything. perfect time would be coming out and seeing me work and then saying, "wow he is cute and great with kids. I think I will get him drunk and take advantage of him" Just kidding..... I can come up with something but you are the woman so I will ask you your preferance. Hope to talk to the right one soon!!!

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