jewelrystore: Good morning
No fumador com Atlética
Bay to l.a., California
22 year old Mulher, 160cm, Não religiosa
Asiática Touro com Cabelo Castanho
jewelrystore Quer passar um tempo, conhecer alguém, mas nada sério.
Bacharelado/ Graduação Completa
Romântico(a) incorrigível


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Você bebe? Socialmente Quer ter filhos? Sim
Estado Civil Solteiro Usa drogas? Não
Bicho de Estimação Outro Cor dos Olhos Castanho
Tem carro? Sim Tem filhos? Não
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Sobre Mim
Simple and genuine girl from the Bay. Let's see if we like the same things in the Interest.

"You up in the club feeling the night life. Looking for the right type.
Blood rushing to your heart, making it beat. When she swept you off your feet and made it complete.
You know the plan you had to conquer the world. Thinking you Scarface, looking for that perfect girl.
And now you found her. Started with romantic, then got to frantic. Then things that's normally small became gigantic.
Now ya'll sinking like the Titanic, here comes the panic.
When I'm with you like a habit, without you I can't stand it. It's tragic when you wonder when you lost that magic.
Without understanding that you never had it, try to grab it.
In the bed can't get a nut off, communication cut off. Getting mad, cuz you turned or wondering where she shut off.
Constantly comparing her to someone in your past. No smile anymore, and arguing over cash.
It's like one big mind game that everybody playing, and we just don't understand our fundamental differences.
Women thrive on emotions, men refuse to acknowledge. So when we argue, nobody win.
Words get in the way time and again.
Some don't love themselves so their perception is tainted."

Bonus point if you knew which song the above abstract lyrics are from.
(Without Google)

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I could nourish you with my culture. Share a dish over two drinks and long conversations.

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