jewelrystore: "The 90/10 Principle"
No fumador com Atlética
Socal, California
23 year old Mulher, 160cm, Não religiosa
Asiática Touro com Cabelo Castanho
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Bicho de Estimação Outro Cor dos Olhos Castanho
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Sobre Mim
Simple, independent & genuine girl from the Bay. Let's see if we like the similar things in the Interest.
I'm pretty fun in my opinion, lol. Dramafree, please. Allow your guard down.
If your level of common sense is pretty decent, then I think we should hang out fine, haha.

The 90/10 Principle means 90% of the things that happen in your life is controllable, so you can't blame anything/anyone that things aren't working out right. If you know what you want then go get it. (So example, if your homie got the girl, cuz he did something about it, and you didn't. Lol)

"Do you have a smart brain with a dumb gut?
Hard to know how you're feeling, and when you get in touch with your emotions it is even more difficult to express them?"
Read - "People Skills" by Robert Bolton, Ph.D.

Communication is clearly very important for me.

Curiosity turns into knowledge, and it leads to a conversation that lasts. Just talk. Don't be shy.
I'm not stuck up, just might get too busy to respond asap.

Primeiro Encontro
I could nourish you with my culture & p.o.v. Share a dish over two drinks and long conversations.

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