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I am a very optimistic person. I look at life through a half full glass; not a half empty one. I don't like drama and I will avoid it like the plague. I try to enjoy my life to its fullest and laugh even when there are moments of stress, pain, sadness, anger, etc. I have had my share of failures, obstacles and I have overcome them in a huge way. I always manage to find a way to make things work. As my motto is "Where there is a will there is a way!" I enjoy having humorous and intellectual conversations, being open to other's opinions, ideologies, ideas, etc. I enjoy learning new things and do not get bored easily. I am a very active person and cannot sit for long periods of time unless I am dead. I enjoy bike riding, roller blading, snow/water skiing, boating, traveling, tennis, volleyball, baseball, eating sushi, and trying out new foods. I like to watch football hockey and, boxing. However, there are moments when I enjoy quiet moments staying home and watching good movies.

Please note that I tried to edit my birthdate since a few weeks after the inception of my registration, but POF will not allow me to edit it. My actual age is 10 years older but the pictures are up to date. I apologize for any confusion.

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