catalinamorena: Long term relationship
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Fremont, California
33 year old Mulher, 170cm, Cristã
Latina/Hispânica Câncer com Cabelo Preto
catalinamorena Está em busca de um relacionamento.
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I was born in South America, but I have been over in the East Bay for 23 years.
My hobbies include outdoors activities such as going to parks, beaches, and all types of festivals..
I like to go to the movies, travel, listen to music-80s and 90s, spend time with friends and family. I enjoy all types of outdoor activities such as kayaking, sailing, arista riding, jet skiing, rock climbling and more. I loved Yosemite, New York, and Florida and have been to the Caribbean-Barbados, St. Marteen and other islands. If you havent taken a cruise, you have to know, it is the best!
I have a big dog and like to go for walks with him when time permits.
I like to watch cheesy, chick flicks-27 Dresses, romantic- the Notebook, but also love comedy and action movies. Favorite shows nowadays are the Big Bang theory, Seinfeld, Family Feud, and more. Once a while, I like to go out to dance. Will you lead me on the dance floor? And nowadays, I like to read articles or short stories. For the future, I like to go on roadtrips across the U.S, travel to Europe and more.
How about you? Taller than 5'7, and is family oriented.
You enjoy the outdoors, staying in or out and likes to travel. We can go anywhere and everywhere and enjoy each others company. I am drama free so I expect the same.

Let me know if you like to chat!

Primeiro Encontro
On my first date I would like to go out and get to know each other.
If we get along, we can go for another date, we can do something more romantic such as going to the beach, movies or dancing.
I prefer someone who likes animals and children.
I am looking for long-term relationship. I dont date married guys.
No druggies.
Want children.
Well traveled even if it is the US :-)

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