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Hi, thanks for stopping by.

I've reached that point in life where doing things is better when there are two. I enjoy being outdoors. Always try to keep a heathly work / life balance. I consider myself to be easy going though I tend to be quiet at first and try to keep the drama to a minimum. I like to do many different things, weather it's a night out or just staying in. But let's face it, it's more about who you are with then what you are doing.
I live on Long Island and work in NYC. Currently working on one if the largest projects in NY.
Would love to travel more. Been to a few places but never really saw the point in traveling alone.
Friends would describe me as a bit reserved at times, sarcastic, reliable, good sense of humor.

Can only say so much here. If you want to know more then email me.

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Coffee, drinks
Someplace low key where we can talk and actually hear what each other has to say.

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