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Sobre Ashley
I believe relationships take time to build and you really need to get to know someone on a friendship level before anything long term can happen. So I am not "looking" for a relationship but when the right person comes around I try not to let that go.

I am a 23 years old, I work full time in early Childhood and am going to school. I work hard and have a very busy school/work schedule though I still make time to enjoy life and have some fun. A well rounded life is important to me. Nights in, Nights out, Whatever it may be should be able to be fun with the right person.

I'm tall! lol I can be a nerd, say some goofy/random things and laugh way to much.. but I also hold serious conversations and can be quite quiet at times. When you first meet me I'll most likely be on the quieter side, I can be shy when I don't know people well. It really depends on my mood, the atmosphere, and how comfortable I'm feeling. I would hope to spend time with someone who can also enjoy fun or seriousness depending on what the feel is at that time.

Haha.. anyways if you'd like to talk more send a message :) Though if all your message says is "Hi" it does not give me the impression that we can hold a conversation together so I may not reply, sorry :-D

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Maybe movies, dinner, drinks & dinner lol, mini golfing, something fun but where I can get to know somebody. Even small things with the right person can be great! :)

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