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Kelly & Corey
Kelly & Corey
We hit it off immediately!! We met at our Local Mall and ended up sitting in the food court for 3 hours and had already made plans for the fall and winter. We have the same beliefs and Family values. If it wasn't for my friend putting me on this site then I would have never have found him. After we were getting to know each other we realized I had cut his hair 2 weeks prior to meeting on the web site. Just sitting across from one anther we knew we were meant to be. The day I knew I really loved ...  Leia Mais
Casados 5/2014
Lorraine & Eric
Found our Forever
We both believed that if each other's profiles were even close to true that we would be perfect for each other. We had both been looking for that special someone to spend the rest of our lives with! Our first date was at the hospital waiting room while my daughter was having surgery!! He waited with me and comforted me during those stressful hours! When we got engaged he didn't ask me he asked my daughters!! We are one happy family!! Getting married in June 2014.
Casados 6/2014
Anna & Teddy
Unexpected Love
I really wasn't expecting to meet the love of my life when i joined this website, i was hoping i would but didn't really have high hopes to find my soul mate. Usually on here you get roses sent to you from the guys, but i saw this cute and fun looking guy who i had a lot in common with and decided to just send him a rose..and that's it. After that we couldn't stop talking and we finally met after a couple weeks of talking. He eventually met my family and I his. A few months later we are engage...  Leia Mais
Leianne & Walt
Sunshineman_ and Sunshinelover2 find Happiness
Walt had been single for a number of years and I was single for a short period of time when we met through Plenty of Fish. Our first date was at a restaurant and I can still remember him waiting outside for me. He did not want me to come inside alone to search for him. He was a gentleman from the beginning and still is today. We quickly discovered we shared a love for good bourbon and have enjoyed many nights exploring different types of bourbon. Walt is such a wonderful man and full of life - h...  Leia Mais
Casados 4/2014
Stephanie & Casy
Online worked for us :)
I really hadn't planned on ever meeting anyone online, but I saw Casy's profile and message him and he was logging in to cancel his account, and said I could text him. We messaged for about two weeks, and the rest is history. We were married 11 months later! Thankful for this opportunity to meet the love of my life!
Casados 6/2014
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