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Christy & Mark
I found my forever!
Mark and I met on POF in June of 2012 and finally had our first date July, 6 2012. We spent the evening watching the sunset at a local beach and eventually that sunset turned into a sunrise. It was an instant connection. As if we'd known each other always. Over the first few weeks we found that we SHOULD have met dozens of times before. Growing up we had attended rival high schools, we shared the same friends, worked at a few of the same places at the same times. We even hung out at the ...  Leia Mais
Casados 7/2013
Evelyn & Allen
The love I thought I may never find...
We met in August 2011. A great friendship set the foundation for the relationship that followed. He is such a good man and I am proud to say that he proposed January 2014 and I accepted!
Felicia & Gregory
North Meets South
Gregory and I found each other on this site. We had instant chemistry and compatibility. Our first date was on 9/1/2012. He proposed on 11/2013 and we married on 1/11/2014. We both are mature adults and knew what we did and did not want in a relationship. God had a plan. Thank You Plenty of Fish for being part of his plan. Greg & Felicia
Casados 1/2014
craig & christine
c and c
i was very discouraged with pof, my big concern was all the women had like 300 to 500 favorites, so i thought it was kind of a scam, had never really been on computer before never mind a dating site, i figured if they had so many people interested why were they still here. so i came across Chrissy's profile, all the same interests , same age , very beautiful, and not one favorite! could this be real? i went back through her profile and under first date requirements all hers said was surprise ...  Leia Mais
Casados 2/2010
Todd & Haley
Todd & Haley
I thought i would never find anyone worth my time. I was about to shut down my site, until i had seen Haley's profile. I went and read it and sent her a message, and with in 10 minutes i got a reply back with her. We exchanged numbers, and we went out on a date and I met her sister and father, from that date we had a instant connection. We knew we were the one for each other, and we are so much a like with our humor and the way we think. We want to say thank you POF for putting together a site t...  Leia Mais
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