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Envie Sua História de Sucesso
Olvid & Rosalee
Craziest whirlwind romance!
I met Rosalee on POF. She was living in Idaho at the time, so we just talked on the phone a lot. And I do mean alot! For hours at a time. She had made plans to stay with a friend here in NYC, and moved here pretty spontaniously. The day Rose arrived, her friend was out of town and she couldnt get ahold of them at all. She called me from the train station in tears and asked me what to do. She had never been here and she was pretty scared. So I met up with her in Manhattan and helped her find...  Leia Mais
Casados 6/2013
Stuart & Kirsty
We got chatting on POF for about 3 weeks and decided that as we had common interests we would meet up and see how it went. As far as first dates go the fact that it was an utter disaster actually made it better than we had anticipated. We had arranged to meet at a local cinema to watch a film and then go for a drink after. After being at least 15 minutes late, I thought I'd be watching it on my own, but in she walked and the first words she said to me was my cars broken down. Seeing as I know no...  Leia Mais
Lisa & John
John & Lisa
We met March 8, 2013 and married on Sept 19, 2013
Casados 9/2013
Kevin  & Connie
We meet in 2011 and after 1 1/2 years I popped the question. It has been a wonderful trip to this point. We said our I DO's on August 10 2013. To all those out there looking for true LOVE. It is out there for sure. Just be patient and it will come.
Casados 8/2015
Mary & Charles
I never thought I would find you....
Charles and I met in January of 2012. We had both been in a few relationships and had reached a point in our life were we wanted something more. I cant say that the moment I met him I knew he would be my husband, but I can say that I remember the moment I know Charlie was something different than most people I had dated in the past. Date after date he continued to show me how I should have been treated all along. He has one of the biggest hearts and I cant wait to spend the rest of my life with...  Leia Mais
Casados 9/2013
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