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Cedric & Shemeka
True love
First seen her profile on here....finally arranged a meeting and it was truly love at first sight thank you POF!!!
Dawn  & John
Were perfect for each other
John and I met in 2006 and we fell in love the first week and were inceperable. We got engaged 5 years later . We both were nervous about getting married because we both had been married twice before and both had cheating spouses , so we waited to get engaged. We hit a few bumps along the way but i wouldn't want to spend my life growing old with anyone but him . Planning a wedding soon and welcoming another grandchild into the world.Between John and I we have 7 grandchildren and one on the way.
Kristen & Monica
Two Worlds Collide
Kristen- Monica asked her viewers to say something more than just "hi"… I don't like to be told what to do, so that's all I said. I messaged her anyway, and I never expected to be deserving of her love. We saw each other over computer screens every day. We were separated by the US/Canada border and 2.5 hours, but she came to see me every weekend for ten months. We knew from the moment we Skyped that there wouldn't be anyone else for either of us. After DOMA fell, we knew the time was right...  Leia Mais
Casados 10/2013
Jesse & Ashley
Unlike the rest
So our story goes a little something like this… I was an over 30 male recently single again and had thought by now my life would have consisted of a wife and possibly kids. I had no interest in meeting a girl at the bars and as you may hear many people complain, “where else do you meet people?”. I heard a friend or two mention POF and I thought Id give it a try. I created a profile that stood out apparently. I mentioned all my good qualities but had no problem mentioning all my flaws as w...  Leia Mais
Heather  & Michael
North meets South
Mick and I met and we knew from the instant connection, were were sole mates! We have gone through "better or worse" before our 1st year together! We were involved in a near fatal car accident, my mother suddenly passed, I moved to a new City and State, all while he has held my hand and kissed my tears. Thank you Plenty of Fish for your making our dreams come true!
Casados 8/2013
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