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John & Kim
Love of my life...
I wasn't looking for love but I sure found it!! I messaged Kim on a Saturday, she replied on a Sunday and we met on a Tuesday after we talked on the phone for two days. Over the next 10 days we saw each other 8 of them and haven't looked back since. I love her so very much and we will be marrying in Las Vegas on February 28th. I thank POF everyday for giving me the opportunity to meet the woman I will spend the rest of my life with. She lived too far from me to have ever met her any other way,...  Leia Mais
Casados 2/2014
Cara & Dave
Meant to be
I was the first to message Dave. His smile was what caught my eye. We went out on our first date on July17th 2011 the day before his birthday. I instantly felt attraction. I thought wow this guy has an amazing smile. We continued to date and on our third date he asked me to be his girlfriend. What was suprising is that Dave is really from Canada, Vancouver. He was only in Orange County for two weeks on a vacation but decided to stay longer after we met. At first I wasn't sure about having a ...  Leia Mais
Para Se Casar 3/2012
Scott & Tracy
POF gave me a place to meet my soul mate!
I had only been on POF for about 3 weeks, I had a few contacts but had not really met anyone yet. One day I got a message through POF thanking me for commenting on her POF profile. We started a short conversation and we texted a few times back and forth so I asked her if she would like to meet for a cup of coffee and talk. She agreed to meet me. We talked for about an hour on a Saturday afternoon, and agreed to meet for a date, dancing that night. We were both blown away by how much we just clic...  Leia Mais
Casados 12/2014
Jessica & Nick
Love in the Park
I joined the site on a Tuesday along with one of my friends. I hadn't even finished editing my profile all the way before I started getting messages. I scanned through maybe 25 of them. Then I got one from Nick. It seemed genuine so I messaged him back. I talked to him for a few hours then I got his phone number. We started talking non stop after that. I met him that Thursday at the state park which was by my house. I had two dogs, so I was really looking for someone who loved dogs and maybe had...  Leia Mais
Casados 8/2014
Flavia & Edenilson
Pq a vida vale muito pra ser insignificante. .. (Charlis Chaplin)
Entrei no pof pra sair do tedio e depois de um relacionamentro desastroso e conturbado.So queria fazer amigos ampliar meu ciclo de conhecidos que havia deixado de lado..recebi inumeros emails de todos os lugares e jeitos mas um me chamou atenção pela inteligência e forma educada que me abordou.Havia colocado no meu perfil a frase de Charles Chaplin. ..Porque a vida vale muito pra ser insignificante. ..e ele de uma sensibilidade e inteligência percebeu de quem era a frase e disse e...  Leia Mais
Casados 2/2013
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