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Amy & George
Fishing Buddies
George was the first person to contact me on POF. He says he was drawn to my pictures of me having fun, my fishing, and my honest write up. I wasn't looking for love, but low and behold he found me. George seemed honest aand kind, so i gave him a shot. We had our first date at the Pulic House and shared some craft brews. We clicked. George had love at first site. I was a skeptic after having my heart broken, but George was so kind and gentle and easy going that he made it very easy fo...  Leia Mais
Para Se Casar 10/2012
Tiffany & Shane
More in love with each passing day.
Shane messaged me on POF back in April 2010 and we chatted on there for awhile. When we finally set up our first date, we agreed to meet at a restaurant/grill - agreeably, so that the date could be quick in case we met and either of us didn't want to stay long. However, we ended up staying there until the place closed and they literally kicked us out the door. Since our first date, we've returned to that restaurant for many occasions - it's where we first said "I love you," it's where we cele...  Leia Mais
Para Se Casar 4/2012
Eliana & Anselmo
Cara Metade
Obrigado POF Graças a vocês, nós conhecemos neste site e estamos muito felizes.após varias conversas em que trocamos E-MAIL e fone durante ums 15 dias decidimos nos conhecer pessoalmente so pra reforçar as varias afinidades já descobertas, Então fui até ele após o natal e passamos uma semana juntos, fui recebida com um búque de rosas e muito carinho, decidimos colocar aliança de compromiso é começar a fazer planos para um futuro breve, pois decidimos morar juntos já que nós dois estavamos pront...  Leia Mais
Casados 2/2013
Ken & Tammy
Love at last...true love...
Love at first site...we were engaged 6 weeks happy...
Shawn Lynne & John Lamar
Love At First Sight!
Our Story The day that John and I first chatted on POF was back in July 2011. After numerous email exchanges and he not asking me if I wanted to meet in person; I took the liberty of asking if he wanted to meet for drinks and appetizers. Although he accepted my invite he often times tells me that I gave him the challenge of a lifetime by rudely asking him if he wanted to meet. I was slightly over the email exchange and felt that if he wanted anymore of my precious time he’d meet me in perso...  Leia Mais
Casados 3/2013
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