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kymberly & Stephen
First night on POF - His Last
I went on POF as an agreement with my two friends to stop bugging me! They wanted me to go on line for years! Finally, I heard of POF. Before I (secretly) went on line (6/11/11), I made a list of all the attributes I wanted in a man, AND the ones I didn't. If I was going to do this, I wanted to be serious. I created my profile and started READING profiles of other "fishers." I did NOT look any any pix. I know we can get persuaded by what we see. I was looking for substance. My first night I...  Leia Mais
Caro & Eddysay
Gracias a esta pagina encontré a la persona con la que quiero compartir el resto de mí vida , un hombre que desde la primera cita me supo valorar y respetar. Un hombre inteligente y con quien puedes platicar de varios temas. Gracias dios , porque enviarme a esta persona tan especial, llamada Eddy,
Malaika & Wulf
I met my husband on POF around october '11 just after my break up with my Ex. I saw his picture up-top where It says "people you might be interested" When I went to his profile I immediately felt that we we were in the same page, He put in there that he was looking for a serious long term relationship, and so was I. We talked and exchaged numbers. We became friends & talk regularly over the phone for almost two month. We lived about three hours drive from each other. He was always pushing me to ...  Leia Mais
Para Se Casar 12/2012
Dawn & Bob
Country Lovin'
He wasn't sure of the online dating scene... was going to take his profile off but his cousin (who told him to try this site) asked him to give it more time. Thanks to him my (now) husband stayed on and found me. A week later we met and have been together ever since. People are amazed when we tell them that we meet online. I guess no one thinks you can find true love through the computer.
Para Se Casar 10/2012
Larissa  & Benjamin
borderless love
i think our history is so far the best history on POF. I was living my life in my country when Ben message me. we felt in love in the first moment we saw each other. But, i was in Brazil...working, living, being happy. however i knew in that day i couldn't be happy without him, so i gave up about my life for our love. My job, my degree as nurse, my friends, family, basically all my life. I didn't know any English, because we just typing for many months...He taught everything. He introduced me li...  Leia Mais
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