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Elle  & Max
Single-2-'Split'-2- Soulmate= 4 Eternity
I had been on POF for a few months and had not had any interest in any of the guys that were on the site. I was kinda over POF as it approached summer it would be easier to meet someone in person. So, over the weekend, my best friend decided to be "Single for Summer"... Famous last words. On Monday, I logged on to delete/suspend my account, but then got caught up in the moment and decided I would check my inbox 1 last time. Max had emailed me on the Sunday and left his phone number, most guys do...  Leia Mais
Casados 8/2013
trish & anthony
I first spotted Tony 25 years ago, but he was married at that time. I joined plenty of fish more to make friends than actually finding my soul mate. After initially chatting to tony I deleted my profile due to illness.Three months later I re joined and although Tony had had a few dates in that time, he was still single. We started chatting again on 7th Feb 2010 and 4 days later we met up for the first time, we have not been apart since, we moved in together and then in Sept 2011 he proposed t...  Leia Mais
Casados 9/2013
Lindsey & Zelene
I just wanted to say that Plenty of Fish helped me find the absolute love of my life. It took a while to find the right person, but it was so worth it. She truly is my other half and I couldn't imagine being without her. Based on the paths of our lives, we may never have found each other if not for online dating. While its always important to be careful, its not worth it to pass up on your perfect partner.
Casados 3/2013
Rachelle & Robyn
Completely unexpected and now can't live without her
I had been on POF for a few months before Robyn messaged me. I didn't think much of contacting her because she lived over an hour away. Come to find out, she came to my area frequently, had lived in my town before and had plans to move back into the community. We were only talking as friends and not long after I started dating someone else. Robyn and I continued to talk, as friends, and I hadn't thought of her as anything else. One night when I was looking for something to do and my kids were wi...  Leia Mais
Para Se Casar 2/2012
Rebecca & Connor
As easy as breathing
Connor and I found each other in November of 2011... His big brown eyes and guitar-playing had me hooked instantly... It turned out we had a ton of mutual friends, and we lived 8 blocks from each other! We just clicked... This first time we hung out, we just sat around and watched South Park, not saying much... It was as easy as breathing being with him... We don't have to be anything with each other, we just had to be... Now we're getting married next month and I couldn't imagine being with any...  Leia Mais
Casados 2/2013
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