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Letisha & Eric
Happy together!!! Have survived a deployment to Iraq and a month after being married he was sent to Korea. He accepts both me and my daughter completely. I could not be in a better place than I am now!!!
Para Se Casar 7/2012
Leslie & Terry
Love Right Down The Road
Well to start off with I was not looking for a relationship. I just wanted a friend. I had just gotten out of a long engagement and did not know if I wanted to start another relationship. Anyways On August 15,2012 I saw his picture and decided to look at his profile. Well I liked what I read and decided to message him. We started to message each other and a few days later we decided to meet up and hang out. After that night we texted and called each other every day and every night. He came and s...  Leia Mais
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Donna & Brian
Puppy Love
Brian sent me a "meet me" request. I really did not like getting those because I thought it took very little effort. But looking at his pictures one stood out. His dog Tula. I love dogs and thougth he couldn't be all that bad if he posted a picture of his dog. So we messaged on 1-15-2012, and met for coffee at Starbucks on 1-17. There was a snow storm and the roads were horrible. He called he was going to be late. I hate late but gave him a break due to weather. I knew at our first meeting I wou...  Leia Mais
Casados 1/2013
Michelle & Brian
8 is Enough
Having each survived some trials and tribuations with the online dating scene, our hero and heroine decided to try, one more time, and see what this avenue might yield. Each having been told a multitude of times by their respective friends, families and confidants that they were each amazing individuals, surely there must be SOMEONE out there who would recognize the awesomeness each possessed. And so it came to pass; in early February 2012, Brian Larsen and Michelle Ruddle connected. It star...  Leia Mais
Casados 7/2013
Stephanie & Pete
Married my best friend
It can feel like forever when you are waiting to be blessed with your perfect match but trust me the time can and will come. I had a busy life as a single mom and hit a brick wall when it came to dating, he was married for years only for it to end not by is choice or doing. In our conversations we know now that we both were at a point of thinking just maybe a loving relationship was not in the cards for us. The first week of Dec 2011 I was going to delete the account but up popped his photo and ...  Leia Mais
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