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red & katy
she was adventurous
we chatted for about a month on "fish". then switched to Yahoo and then to texting. we went on first date to rose bowl swap meet and then lunch , art showing and Lakers game. date lasted 17 hours! was so much fun and no pressure!! we did start holding hands at lunch time and were kissing by dinner... Our second date was 4 days later ( dinner and movie) . this has not stopped; we celebrated every month on the date of first date. we traveled to Hawaii, SF, San Diego. we ...  Leia Mais
Judith & Brian
Love at first smile
I had been on this site a while, and stopped coming to check things out. When Brian wrote me, I went onto his profile page and checked him out. I liked what I read, then got curious about him. We started exchanging messages, then IM ed. Two weeks after we decided to meet in person. He decided to come see me in Ohio for our first date, and there was immediately a spark between us. After that we traveled back and forth between Ohio and Michigan, but most of our dates the first months were in Bowl...  Leia Mais
Para Se Casar 12/2012
Maria & Harry
Finally found my one and only!!
I had tried every dating site known. Never having luck for Long periods of time. Everyone I met was just not the right one or they would simply "dissapear" after a couple dates until one Sunday afternoon I received a message from a guy I thought was "cute" and we continued messaging all day...exchanged numbers that nite and chatted for hours on the phone. We made plans to have dinner a few nights later and have been inseperable ever since. He truly is my soulmate. We connect on every level. Surp...  Leia Mais
Para Se Casar 4/2011
Ashley & Zachary
Soul Mates
We meet on POF on March 2011, met up after awhile of exchanging numbers. Went on plenty of dates and hit it off. We had sooo much fun together. In May we officially started dating. We expected our first child on May 2012. We got married on Nov. 10th 2012 And are going strong! without POF we would of NEVER meet! :) thank you guys!
Para Se Casar 11/2012
Brittany & Brittany
I found the love of my life on POF
I first started using POF when I left my girlfriend after she cheated on me. I talked to a few girls but Brittany was the only one I felt a connection with. I've been abused my whole life and she was the person who was really there for me. My friends tell me we are moving too fast by getting engaged after only a month but when you fall head over heels in love with someone you just can't help it. By the time we get married we will have been together for a year. She is literally my world and i wou...  Leia Mais
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