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Donald & Angela
Finally Found My Other Half
She had decided to give up on the site when I instant messaged her. She was skeptical but we ended up chatting online for a while then on the phone for over 5 hours. We decided we had enough in common and interest to meet for dinner three days later. From the moment we met, I was hooked. I am happier now than I have ever been in my life!
Para Se Casar 6/2011
Nathan & Meredith
How I met the love of my life
I met the love of my life through POF. We went on our first date in March of 2012 at Barrel 44 in Bexley, OH. It was the first date she went on via an online dating site. We had a great night and exchanged phone numbers as we could not stop talking to each other. After that night, I knew she was an amazing woman who was the one for me. The following months were the best we have ever experienced. Her birthday came up in November and I took her to a bed and breakfast for 2 nights that came with a...  Leia Mais
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Chantelle & Gary
He went fishing and caught me!
Gary messaged me in February 2009, although we didn't meet up right away we finally met up at Papa Cheney's for a late dinner on March 3rd , 2009 even celebrating our first kiss at this same location on our next date. Since that day we have been together, I knew he was the one very quickly spending as much time together as we could. A few months later we found ourselves vacationing, living together, adopting a dog together and by 2010, we had purchased a home together. As our careers grew, ...  Leia Mais
Para Se Casar 10/2012
Brian & Jenny
Thank you POF
I met the love of my life on POF almost one year ago exactly and on our one year anniversary I plan on asking her to marry me, I have no doubt that she will say yes because she is my soul mate and I would have never found her if it wasn't for POF.... I can't thank you enough, whoever reads these things and whoever runs this website I owe you everything!
Coreen & Shawn
Life Only Got Better
I was going to delete my account after several botched attempts at dating. I met several nice people but never a "LOVE" match. It was the day before I intended to delete my account and I received an email from a man who asked me to meet up for clam chowder, coffee and a walk on the water front. Hmmmm... I thought to myself. One last try? Ok, why not? We talked over the internet a bit and I asked him the make it or break it question.."What did you like about my profile?" This guy actually listed ...  Leia Mais
Casados 7/2013
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