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Envie sua história e compartilhe seu sucesso com nossa comunidade POF! Nós absolutamente ADORAMOS histórias de amor!
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Aaron & Cynthia
We found happiness!
It all started when the Army sent me to New York. I didn't know anyone so I created an account and started cruising around POF. It seemed unconventional but I stumbled across a profile that caught my eye. She was tall like me, red hair, and I could tell by her about me section that she had a stunning personality. I messaged her with a humorous message and she quickly responded. We spent the next two weeks texting and emailing each other back and forth. On October 6, 2011, we decided to meet at ...  Leia Mais
Casados 9/2013
Sabrina & Richard
Soul mates
It took just one date for us both to realize we had an awesome connection. I was in heaven and after saying goodbye I walked into a tree. We both agree that this is more than we have ever imagined love could be. We dated for a year and a half he asked me to marry him in may and we married in December of 2012.
Para Se Casar 12/2012
Sally & Karl
Love at first sight!
I signed up to pof through a bad breakup and was encouraged by other single friends to try it. Glancing through profiles, I spotted Karl's profile. He was totally out of my league so I didn't contact him. I spent several weeks looking at him over and over again, and eventually mustered up the courage to send him a message but only managed to say how gorgeous I thought he was! Never in a million years did I expect a reply but he did! We talked on Facebook for a week, then arranged to meet! ...  Leia Mais
Casados 5/2014
kim & Andrew
My best friend
I found my husband on POF. We fell in love immediately! We're so grateful for this website. We only lived a few miles apart and we would've never met otherwise. April of 2013 will be our 1 year wedding anniversary. After our 3rd date we were inseparable and now I can't even imagine what my life would be like without him. He's my best true soul mate and I'm forever grateful to have finally found him!
Para Se Casar 4/2012
ANDRIA & damian
Southern Maryland love in Texas now
My now husband and I met on POF now almost two years ago. It was the best thing that could have ever happened to either of us. We are now expecting a little bundle of joy. We always joked saying we'd have to write and tell our story but we never did. We always tell people that we met online and it was the best thing to have ever happened to us. We owe our relationship to your Site! Everything we have now is because of how easy your Site was to use. We are so happy and wanted to share our ...  Leia Mais
Para Se Casar 12/2012
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