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BILLY & Charleszetta
Charleszetta and I met on POF in Dec, 2011. At the time we both only wanted to be friends, someone to hangout with. We chatted and talked everyday until we decided to meet on Dec. birthday!! I must say we had a really nice time, we hung out, laughed, and Christmas shopped all day long and she even met my family. To end the night, she bought me a birthday cake in my favorite color,! Funny thing about it, she didn't know red was my favorite color.....I loved it! We have been tog...  Leia Mais
Sam & Kirsty
When North meets South
I joined POF because i'd just moved to Manchester after graduating from university in Preston and had broken up with my gf. I had been perusing on POF for a couple of months when Kirsty had messaged me asking about my degree. We got chatting about what she did (PhD - ooh la la) and how she was a dog lover from Brighton and had also just moved up here and gone through a break up. and what i did (community engagement officer for the lesbian and gay foundation). I honestly thought that Kirsty w...  Leia Mais
Stephanie & Lee
Because of POF, I met the love of my life.
My husband and I met on POF, he lived in another state, so we talked for about a week before we could meet. In that week talking to him, I knew everything about him and the same for him, we talked about everything, so when we met it was like meeting my best friend for the first time. With in 6 months, I moved in with him, quit my job, found a job in the town I was moving to, we got engaged a month later. We married 10 months later in Costa Rica, and the rest is history. If you can get past so...  Leia Mais
Para Se Casar 9/2012
Lucia & John
John and I met on POF and had our first date before the holidays. Because we were both VERY specific and honest in what we wanted, we were able to have a compatibility and comfort level immediately. We took our time to discover each other, not just on dates, but by phone and online. We discussed our fears, issues and experiences and were able to articulate what we learned from the past and where we wanted our future to go. It is because of our complete willingness to be honest in all actions...  Leia Mais
Arch & Linda
More than Happy
I talked to Linda on the 23rd of March, 2012 for the first time. We exchanged a couple messages in POF and immediately she informed me that she was not too hip on just sending messages. So I asked her out for a Sunday lunch on the 29th of April. On Saturday the 28th, she sent me a little note and let me know that she would be out with a girlfriend, and they would be dancing at Red River Cowboys, in Dallas. Just in case I might decide to get out and do something that night. Well, I went to the da...  Leia Mais
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