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Amanda & Josh
A lovely surprise :)
Josh and I met on POF and after exchanging a few emails we decided to meet in person. We only lived a few blocks away! For the first couple months we developed a great friendship since we weren't really looking for serious relationships, that quickly grew into love. On December 1st 2012 Josh popped the question and we were just married March 2nd, 2013. We are so grateful we found each other and look forward to the rest of our lives together!
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Michael & Holly
A dolphin led the way...
To those that ask if POF works: We can say "yup it sure does". In February of 2013, Holly found Michael on POF. 30 days does not seem like much time to many people but for us it is a lifetime. In a matter of 4 days on POF, we shared some 286 messages with each other for a total of 20,490 words that account for some 55 pages of text in a word document. We decided to move to emails and have shared some 350 of them in varrying lengths. We moved into phone calls and well there has been ...  Leia Mais
Johnny & Sarah
Meet by accident
I had some drawings on my profile she commented and just said nice drawings. Thats what started it all. Well 6 years later we have 2 kids and she is my soul mate. Best choice i ever made was signing up for POF. It was free back then not sure if it is not or not but i just want to thank who ever created POF cause you are the reason i founf the love of my life :). Thank you
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Louise & Patrick
Never would of found my true love
Well now where to start......... i met pat thanks to POF and 2 and a half years later we are due to be married this saturday. Never would i have hoped to of found such a loving and funny man as pat, he does keep life interesting thats for sure. Since dating we have grown to love each others differences and know that without POF we would of never met due to us living in different towns and not even slightly socialising in the same circles but from any early stage i knew he was the guy for m...  Leia Mais
Casados 3/2013
Gerald & Bette
Meeting the Love of My Life
It took me almost three years to find my future wife to be. I first used for almost two years and met and dated lots of women, but was not successful in finding my special lady. I even tried Great Expectation which I felt was a financial rip-off and high pressure salesmanship to join it. I tried and I was tenacious and thorough about trying to find my special lady. I met over 200 women during my quest to find the love of my life and at times I felt it...  Leia Mais
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