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Marie & Easton
Marie & Easton
If you were to ask me whether dating websites work, I would be the first one to say - NOPE. It was Good Friday 2010 and the lady that lives above me was telling me about yet another dating website where she had met some unsavoury characters. She mentioned POF and that it was free and suggested I try it as I would have nothing to lose, especially not cash. Well the 3rd person I met on this website after many many weeks emailing and getting to know one another is now my Fiance. We are so happ...  Leia Mais
Casados 5/2014
Tiffany  & Matthew
We found love on POF
I had been on POF off and on for a few years. I found this profile that I loved and the only picture was the side of his face. After emailing back and forth, I agreed to go on a first date. We met at a local Caribbean restaurant. I was very happy the moment I saw him. I asked him why he only had one picture of the side of his face. He told me he didn't know that. He showed me on his profile that he had more, but he didn't check to have them shown. We got a laugh out of that. We have bee...  Leia Mais
Dagmara & Larry
This is how our story begins..
When I first saw Larry's profile I can't lie I was drawned to his 6'10 height! A handsome, tall, dark stranger was a very good start. From the first message I knew this might be the start of something amazing. We talked every day and it felt like we knew each other forever. And with every message we knew we wanted to meet as soon as we could, but with six hour distance between us it was not that easy. Finally couple of months later we decided that I would go to visit Larry first. We spent an ama...  Leia Mais
Casados 2/2013
Christen & Lucas
Crazy Love
My Fiance and I have been through a whirlwind love storm. Everything happened so fast. We met on POF and chatted for a few days. Within 2 months of dating and being inseparable, we were engaged. Literally, after a week of dating we both knew we were each others, " The One". We both have unusually difficult pass as far as family and relationships go so it is so much easier to be patient and understanding with one another than with the average person. It is extrordinary that we found each other o...  Leia Mais
Melissa & Morgan
I found my Knight In Shining Army Gear!
Morgan was the first persion that I went on a date with from Plenty of Fish, and I am happy to say, he was the last as well! He was so much more than I could ever have hoped for in a man, and I am so thankful that I tried this website, or we never would have found each other. POF allowed us both to look for the type of person that we would be happy with. The profiles allowed us to see the important aspects of each other before we had even met in real life. I feel like it is the best way to meet ...  Leia Mais
Para Se Casar 9/2011
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