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Bronwyn & Damian
1 joke, 1 forever!
It started with a simple "knock knock" joke told by his daughter and within a week, we were on our first date to junction 32, castleford!! 3 months in, the happy couple took a valentines trip away to scarborough and 9 months later our beautiful little girl was born! After an amazing year of making more memories together, Damian found his knee and proposed to me on new years eve!! The easiest yes I have ever said!! POF, thank you for leading me to my forever!!
Pamela & Bart
At Last!!!!
I was in a relationship in March of 2012 and having trouble. I went on POF to see what was out there and saw Barts picture. I quickly signed off and said I need to finish first before starting something new. Well, come August I was DONE. I signed on to POF again and saw Barts picture again in the Meet Me section and immediately clicked YES!!! ABout 20 minutes later we were chatting on the site. Then texting eachother and 2 days later we met. We immediately hit it off and had so much in co...  Leia Mais
Casados 5/2013
Amy & Donnie
Happy newlyweds!
We met on pof the end of 2012, and exchanged messages for a few months before moving to texting. By the time we had our first date, we had been communicating for a little while. We clicked right away, and spent some time getting to know each other in person before introducing our kids. The first time he met my daughters, he brought them flowers, and won them over. I also have a 15 y/o son, and he has a 7 y/o son, and our kids fell in love with each other right away. They considered the...  Leia Mais
Casados 3/2014
marinilde & sebastião aurelio
Um grande amor
Depois 2 meses de papo, através desse site, decidimos nos conhecer pessoalmente e, descobrimos que nascemos um para o outro Somos totalmente compativeis, e estamos muito felizes. Agradeço ao POF e, aguardamos o presente
Casados 3/2014
Dawn & James
Finally Found Each Other
Jim and I both were just about ready to give up. Dating others off the site did not fair very well. After seeing his profile it made me laugh, and I thought well here goes nothing he probably wont respond. He responded and we hit it off well. Everyday we found that we were so much a like, our friends and family could not believe how much we were similar. Our love and happiness was so profound and it still is. We got married, I moved to Toledo and we couldnt be happier. Thank you s...  Leia Mais
Casados 10/2013
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