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fleur & mikey
Soon to be wed!
Mikey messaged me just when i was losing hope in the online scene. He seemed a nice chap so we met up the following evening (talking for too long over email can cause disappointment in real life...) I knew I was going to marry him as soon as our first date ended. we moved in together 2 months later and its just got better and better! He's my best friend and i honestly cant imagine how i lived life before him! Mikey asked me to marry him a year later and it cant come soon enough! Thanks PO...  Leia Mais
Casados 8/2015
Jonathan & Melissa
Love at first sight
Both Melissa and I had all but given up on finding love again. We were very pleasantly surprised to come across one another's profiles on POF. Even before we met in person, we knew there was chemistry. From the day we met, we knew we were meant to be together. On the night of our first date, we went to a local park and set up a remote camera behind a bench to photograph our first kiss. One month later I took her back to the same bench and proposed. She said yes and we couldn't be happier. March ...  Leia Mais
Kelly & David
David and I started talking on POF in May of 2013. Our first actual date was July 6 2013. Both of us were online dating for quite sometime. We both had awful dates and were about to give up, then one night I asked him to come see fireworks with me:) We just could not stop talking and laughing together. Our first kiss was magical! i knew this was going to grow into something. We moved in together back in November of 2013. June 6 2014 he proposed!!! Of coarse i said yes:) I count my blessings ever...  Leia Mais
Casados 7/2015
Donna & John
When you know
Me and john met last year on pof, in June 2013. We chatted for only 5 days before we decided to meet up...from the very first moment we met I knew he was the one. We had so much in common and had the exact same sense of humour, He moved in with me after only a month and he got down on one knee 20mins after midnight on January 1st 2014 in the Lake District. We plan on getting married on 25.6.2016...a lot of people don't like dating sites but I'm glad I stuck at it or i would never have met my so...  Leia Mais
Hannah & Joshua
A Completed Puzzled!
One day in May I seen this guy on pof. His name was Josh. So, I decided to message him :) He responded back and we immediately hit it off! He lived about 70 miles from me and we knew we had to meet. We talked for about a month then he came to visit. It was love at first sight! He was working as a assistant football coach when we first met. Our love will continue to grow stronger each and everyday!
Casados 12/2013
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