Yonas58: Seeking bright, kind, mature woman
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Montreal, Quebec
69 year old Male, 5' 10" (178cm), Other
Caucasian, Libra
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Masters Degree
University instructor

I am Seeking a Woman For Long Term
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About Me
Am inclined towards the literate and intellectual, am also sensual and affectionate, with feet planted on ground ... well, most of the time anyway -- am Libran after all! :) Here then a few particulars to turn over in your mind and heart. Here too, more implicitly, potential deal breakers, so do please read the profile in its entirety before coming to conclusions, then choosing to write. Moreover, by way of introduction may I add here that poetic license and humor aside, I do say all I mean, and, of course, mean what I say. So now, please do read on -- with mind and eyes wide open!

I enjoy swimming, sunshine, cycling, walking, also like to explore parks and meadows, fields (of dreams) and lakes unspoiled, love to find myself trekking along winding mountain roads, cloud hidden, whereabouts unknown. Am also keen on imagining a possible future, then working to realize it in the here (where else) and the now (when else); I certainly love books, ideas, language, rhetoric, debate, intelligent conversation, writing (prose and poetry, sometimes latter in preference to former), theatre, film, select forms of music (decidedly moderate in volume) to the tune of, for example, Glass, Reggae,classical. Should also mention my delight in the workings of the internet, this remarkable instrument which makes possible the widespread extension of these my very own words and thoughts to be viewed and reflected upon by you, dear reader. What more effective means for finding that most rare pearl, gem exquisite, needle in haystack -- she who is none other perhaps than you? (you the needle, not you the haystack, but to be fair one should add that haystacks too serve a worthy purpose, as for example when providing support for the proverbial roll-in-the-hay :).

Not least, I care about wisdom, seek to know how everything is, might be, could be, find nothing ultimately better to do with one's precious human life than to seek and realize the understanding that surpasses all understanding, namely, how one dies and how simultaneously one never dies; how our universe arose and how simultaneously it continues to arise in every moment; how things always change and how simultaneously nothing new has ever happened; how there is no one in charge and how simultaneously oneself is in charge of everything; and finally, how there is no such thing as "the future" and how simultaneously there is a future which collectively we can determine.

So this caring and nurturing of an enlightened vision for life and its manifest possibilities, this surely touches on the meaning and purpose of life itself, as I see it. And to seek and find this meaning in the here-and-now -- surely this must be, could be, dare I say ought to be, one's North Star. It's a grand vision but no less real and realizable for being at first glance so very vast and daunting. Surely this must be the first meaning for the expression "the road less travelled". For when you think of it, how many of us truly, sincerely, care and seek out ways to undertake and travel on this noble path, this regal road? It may be that one day it becomes the road more-travelled, the mainstream, but today it is what it is and Godspeed to all of us embarked upon it. (We are of course all of us already, unavoidably, embarked upon it, but not all of us are aware of this, and it is precisely here that awareness is paramount; we are uniquely conscious of our own consciousness, and this is the difference that makes all the difference.

I practice meditation regularly so that afterwards, when immersed in the bustle of everyday life, in the getting-and-spending world, revolving on the merry and not so merry go-rounds of life, I will be less likely then to forget the well-destined trajectory I am fortunate to be on at this time. For without this regular, steady (and steadying) recurrence of meditation and the states to which that stillness gently invites us, the forgetting and obscuring will assuredly take place. So within and through these go-rounds of life I try to identify within myself as well as in all that is "out there" including the lives of others, what it is that I am uniquely endowed to be (Being) and qualified to do (Becoming) in this still yet always emerging life. That surely must be the most meaningful sense of one's trajectory on this marvellous journey through one's outer/inner universe. Each of us has access to these realms, namely, the inconceivable now, and the yet-to-be-created future.

Settling for complacency, a kind of vegetative existence, well, that isn't my idea of a fulfilling life, which is not to say of course that I have anything against vegetables. In fact I like them, eat 'em all the time! Just don't want to BE one! So now to have this rare, precious opportunity of traveling the road less traveled in the company of a gracious, spirited person, a woman both kind, good and gracious in both ordinary and extraordinary ways, now that would be good fortune indeed. But where find this rare gem, this jewel-like creation? Where catch glimpse of the rara avis before she again swftly takes flight along a trail that leaves no trace of passage!? Oh, elusive being ... where on earth and in heaven's name do you reside, if in fact there is somewhere in this world, my world, a place where you abide that I might know you? Into how many realms must I ascend and circle round and round again in search of you?

But in seeking such unlikely worldly treasure, I remain steadfast, continue to seek and look and to stand ready at perhaps an unexpected moment, to find this most bright, vibrant, astonishing woman, she possessed of humour, wit, charm, she who is graced with grace and who as they say is quelqu'un bien dans sa peau, or, as I sometimes like to express it, quelqu'un bien dans sa peau, oui,mais aussi et surtout bien SUR la mienne, someone playful, kind, and gentle, attuned to the times, keen on experiencing the good, the true, and the beautiful -- and who will settle for nothing less.

Finally, and quoting here the language of that writer in Moulin Rouge, she whom I seek with such ardour and she who in turn seeks me with equal determination, wants nothing less than "to love and be loved in return," prefers the ongoing, dynamic presence of man -- a particular man, at close range (arm's length, much closer at times! :), prefers his immediate-living-breathing presence to all vicarious pleasures offered up, say, by celluloid or other mediated fantasies, the ones found, say, in Moulin Rouge! :) ... I see her now in my mind's eye, imagine she is there, out there somewhere, approaches me now with lightness of step, swish of robe and possessing an authority that combines nobility with class and compassionate wisdom. So does my Juliette and Roxanne appear, my Dulcinea and my Héloise. Need I mention that I would indee

First Date
A first date would allow for spontaneity and a kind of enlightened détente, that is, it would be conducive to the deliberate, conscious acceptance of being unguarded and vulnerable with someone new. Not heedless or anything like that, just not having any guards up to begin with, not being too savvy for your own good! :) Defence-less if you will. Seemingly fearless because you know deep down that you have nothing to lose, that in fact there is nothing to lose. We already know ourselves, and so of course from "hello"we know each other well beyond the usual psychological/political manoeuvrings that ordinary relationships thrive on; here no trace of embarrassment, apology, narcissism; we're no longer in the throes of postmodernism at its worst. And there is nothing, nothing at all, that creates awkwardness between us. Indeed, neither of us has any interest in preserving, projecting an image of what we might imagine ourselves to be and then want to portray to others. No trace of this kind of game and pretentiousness going on here, a game that is in fact not a game at all and not at all kind! Come to think of it, we don't even know we're here, if you get the sense of what I mean ... for knowing or analyzing ourselves and others is no longer an issue, no longer relevant. There is no need for any of this. Psychological issues were dealt with, settled, long ago. And so now quickly it becomes a singular pleasure to know and be with you. Resonance is our channel of communication, our communicative mode of choice.

After "hello" we might sit or stroll about in gentle surroundings, exploring common ground, remaining sensitive to where we resonate with each other. We might pause at some point for ... for libations! (nothing less!:), all the while offering each other our best, giving way, yielding regularly to wit, banter, laughter, find ourselves listening to each other with that calm, dignified attention normally reserved for ones we regard with warmth, interest, esteem, find ourselves gradually engaged in a most congenial exchange of (mostly! :) coherent thought and ingenuous personal sentiment. No trace of struggling to communicate since language and speech arise in us effortlessly, devoid of psychological overtones. Less and less of "me" and of "you" and more and more of "we" while our own distinct personalities are never lost or in any way diminished here. The opportunity to heighten poetic sensibilities and to express ourselves from the source in us from which the best in us arises augments; love sonnets lie poised on our lips.

At some point if it feels we are connecting at a heart level, that somehow we may already have met each other before, then no telling where this might lead and what might happen next. We are in a sense as old friends come together again to move forward and explore afresh from wherever we left off. There is a palpable sense, an anticipation both tangible and real of the genuine fun, delight and mea

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