Age: 37
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Age: 33
fromthenorth: I know what girls really want to hear...
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Burnaby, British Columbia
34 year old Man, 178cm, Ej religiös
Vit, Vädur
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Dricker du alkohol? I sociala sammanhang Vill du ha barn? Inte bestämt mig/öppen
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..."I've marked the area around my heart so pulling it out and crushing it will be easier for you."

I'm seeking a girl who can tell when I'm joking around. This is actually pretty easy, you just have to pay attention to whether my mouth is open or not.
I could describe myself in many details, but I'd rather let you discover them on your own. I'll just say that you would enjoy going out with me.

P.S. The instant messenger doesn't work for me, but if you'd like to trade contacts for MSN, ICQ, etc., I'd be more than happy to.

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What is supposed to go here?

"I would pick you up on my motorcycle, and we would ride off into the mountains, stopping to hike up to a meadow with a burbling stream. We would rest for a picnic of pasta salad, strawberries and whipped cream, and chardonnay. Next would be a bit of dancing to the tune of "Sleep Walking" on a portable music player. After that, we'd take pictures of ourselves in wacky poses to show that we were here. Then we'd head down the mountain as the sun sets, and wing it from there.
PSYKE!!! You'll be hand-feeding me peanuts and fetching my beers as I watch the Giants on TV!
(Wait no, don't go! I was only kidding! i'm so lonely...)

Not the first date, but eventually :-)"

No, really, what the hell am I supposed to write here?