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Benphx225: HOLY CRAP! Really? (WOW. Just sayin')
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Malta, New York
46 year old Homme, 178cm, Laïc
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Caucasienne Lion avec Bruns
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Construction/Robotics Engineer

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Hey! Come on now!
We have the technology to allow you to take a reasonably 'current' picture. My pictures are current. I don't really care what you looked like in 2008. It's 2014. Use your phone, take a picture. It's not hard. Don't trick people. (there's really no other word for what you're doin')

I'm a traveler in the Semiconductor industry, and have lived out of a suitcase for the better part of 15 years. I like meeting new people and am always in need of finding a tour guide in the cities I'm assigned. Right now, I'm in Malta, New York. I'll like to find a reason to stay. I want to put my suitcases away. Actually, I'd donate them to Goodwill. Trade for a surfboard?

Is T-Mobile REALLY the worst mobile carrier in the Universe?

I like audio books, and nerdy podcasts.
I don't own a television. - not on moral grounds or anything. I don't hate t.v. I hate what it does to what little time I think I have.
I'm a big Google /Android fanboy.
I don't like tomatoes, unless murdered in a salsafied manner.

Major Bucket List item almost complete. I'm just a few short weeks from getting my Bachelors in Project Management. Probably best if I fall straight into the Masters program after that. I'm in the groove. Gonna stay there.

I'm an Atheist (note the "A" tattoo.). Please don't try to save me. I still think you're cool! I'm ok to talk about it if you like, but I'm really sure that you won't convince me. Seriously. Those concepts have become almost foreign to me. You have your favorite comic book, I'll stick with mine.
I'm a Humanist above all. I hate that people kill because they feel that their super-hero is better than any other super-hero. I hate that people who claim to be 'enlightened' and 'blessed' judge more harshly and brutally than those that agree with me-That mankind is a family worth protecting. Killing, fighting, hating, and judging because one feels that an old man sitting on a cloud desires it, saddens me. I'll choose to not believe before I'll surrender to a 'loving father' who threatens me with an uncomfortable eternity if I don't do as he says. ETERNITY.. That's way more than a time-out.

Favorite drinking toasts:
1. "Here's to rattlesnakes and condoms. I don't **** with either one!" Yes. Probably offensive, but it's the funniest toast I've ever heard.
2. "Here's to women's panties, not my favorite things in the world, but right next to it." Yup. I confess, probably offensive, but a preacher told it to me.

I'm fun. I'm chill. I'm generous to a fault. I'm kind. More people should just simply be Kind I think. Just. Be. Kind.

I love sarcasm. Actually, more wit than sarcasm, but you get it. I use it alot. I speak my mind, for better or worse.
I'm a huge fan of flat out honesty. Tell me what you want, expect, intend. I'm going to do the same.

I don't usually sleep in, but I'll let you. Come about 10am, I'm going to start asking you what you want for breakfast. ;-)

I'll say that I like blues, and I do. But, I've been listening to alot of 80's, blues,and the newer heavier stuff on Slacker.

I'm a closet wannabe biker scumbag. Planning out my sleeve tattoo (phase 4 complete... ask me to post a picture of my progress so far) and looking for the bike that is probably going to kill me. I can't WAIT! I don't know how I'm going out, but be assured, all the witnesses will start their stories with," HOLY SHIT, Did you just see that?!"

Confession: "Being Unhealthy" is my racism. I'm working so hard to make myself the best I can be for the first time in 44 years. I have a great story. Ask me about it. So, when I see people drinking gravy and parking in the handicapped spots just because they abuse their bodies, I get personally offended for their wasting the greatest gift that the Universe will ever give them.

I kinda dig a bit of vanity!
I think it's cute when you tell me how good looking you are. I love to hear about how smart you think you are, too!

Why SHOULD we "age gracefully"? I say FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT! To look and feel young is the whole reason we invented science, isn't it? Check out Bio-Te, or Sottopelle. I'm using the former and I can testify that if you're over 40, you're a goddamned idiot for not giving it a shot.

I need someone to train with me in the gym. I'm not a gym rat so to speak. I don't mind if you are.
I took Salsa dance lessons and am now taking swing dance lessons. (Listen, it was either join the softball or bowling leagues at work, or sneak off secretly and learn to dance. I bet I made the right decision) Want take lessons with me, and to learn to do all the spinny moves? Anyone got the time to show me these?

I want a new fairy tale to chase. My last one got away. I was always just one step behind. But , I had more fun than the Universe should have allowed. We've all been there. And, if we're lucky we'll get to enjoy that ride again and again.

I'm brand new to the Malta area. So, I'm open to anything in the world.

Live music would be great, coffee, crash a pool party or just chill.
Tell me where to be, and when. I'm there.

Any public place would be great. That way, we both have an exit plan if you turn out to be an axe-murderer.

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