Mujercubana: A sweet & spicy Cuban lady!
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Occasionnellement avec Quelques kilos en trop silhouette
San jose, California
50 year old Femme, 155cm, Catholique
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Hispanique Gémeaux avec Roux
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Mujercubana souhaite faire des sorties, sans prise de tête.
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A propos de Moi
I am Cuban-American, of immigrant parents. I love to read & am an avid reader. I love history & architecture from all over the world.

I have a wicked sense of humor & am told I have a tongue as sharp as a Damascus blade when provoked or not feeling a situation. Also have a zero tolerance for bullshit.

I'm not into open relationships, nor do I want to meet & greet your ex & get to know her. Not dating/having a relationship with her, just with you. Only with you. If you have kids & are on good terms with your ex that's another story & ok. Do not have a problem with that at all. Also I am not interested in being rebound girl or transitional girl. If your not ready or emotionally available please move on & best of luck to you.

Also, please do not tell me that you are in love with me after meeting me one time cuz that's a big red flag for me & I'll start to smell the bullshit. It's flattering if sincere (which it's not), but It will seriously cause me to avoid you like the plague! Also, do not ask to borrow money from me for a sick relative, because your out of town, the country whatever the case may be. Especially if I haven't met you yet & only have been communicating for a few weeks or short period of time.

Having said all that, and if your still here & reading, I love music, love to dance, am a warm affectionate woman that likes to laugh & enjoys a good strong conversation with a man that can start one & keep it going. I love romance (what woman doesn't)? And am a romantic & idealist at heart. Despite my bad experiences with relationships, I truly believe everyone has a someone that is meant for them. Just for them. However, God gave us free will & sometimes we make idiot choices with the best of intentions.

I am very honest, brutally so at times, am loyal, dedicated and will have your back when everyone else has left you by the wayside. I am NOT looking to date a whole bunch of guys, just looking for the one that I will know is the one for me...don't know how I will know, I'll just feel it & I'll know. And he'll feel the same way & we both can leave this dating site!

There's alot more to me that just what I can write here...the nuances of my personality, wit, charm lol just to name a few...the trick is getting to know me over won't be disappointed! ;)

First date can be anything from coffee, breakfast, lunch or dinner. Just to meet face to face & see if there's that same attraction, spark & chemistry that drew you to that person to begin with.