Dorksidefarce: This ain't yer grandma's tinder
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Los angeles, California
30 year old Une femme, 170cm, Sans religion
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I get to play music for a living. It's awesome, but I'm gone a lot. Anyone feel like watching my cat? Hah.
Message me if u like. I'm bored when I'm not on the road etc…

Blargh. They are making me make this longer. Uh… I'm the sit at a dive bar by myself and read or write kinda gal. Not in a pretentious "Im going to pull my macbook out" kinda way…
Holy jesus. I was seriously getting a complex thinking no one wanted to look at my profile and I discovered it was on "private"

New Update: Recently discovered I am a weirdo reclusive homebody. Netflix, dinner and****ails (who am I kidding, shots!) is what I wanna do.
New New Update: They censored the c*ck in c*cktails and I find that freaking hilarious. Also, if you are one of those dudes holding up your shirt to show your "6-pack" I hate you.