sassi_vixxen: Class, sass, and even some CRASS!
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Occasionnellement avec Quelques kilos en trop silhouette
San pedro, California
44 year old Femme, 168cm, Catholique
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Hispanique Cancer avec Bruns
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sassi_vixxen recherche une relation amoureuse.
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mental health professional

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Single mom of 2 (one a teen and the other over 18), divorced for about 2 years. I'm college-educated, intelligent, and have a professional career, but I like to think I keep it WAY real. I'm kinda quirky & nerdy, yet somewhat edgy (can't think of another word for it) - I guess I'm pretty independent, but at the same time, somewhat traditional. Confident, yet humble. I like culture, meeting interesting people and going to interesting places, dining out (fine dining and hole-in-the-wall spots) , traveling, seedy bars, art, reggae music, documentary films, flea markets/swap meets, dogs, inappropriate humor, decorating, and spontaneous day or weekend trips. I don't mind staying in, snuggling and watching a movie, but I really like to be out exploring what the world has to offer! I'm trying to find my soulmate - I know you must be out there...

I love a funny, honest, intelligent GENTLEMAN who is financially and emotionally stable (if that's not you, stop reading now), romantic, kind-hearted, socially-conscious, compassionate towards others, love animals, and who knows how to treat a lady. HUGE plus for gentleman-like manners - I find that very attractive. That being said, I am not a meek female - while I'm well-mannered and reasonably well-traveled, I also actually have opinions and sh*t to say. I feel strongly about standing up for what is right and for the disadvantaged. I'm a bit crass at times. I probably curse too much - but not all the time - there's a time and place for everything. On my softer side, I'm very loving, compassionate (and passionate), loyal, and romantic - I'm a one-man kind of woman and when I'm in a relationship, I'm WAY into my man - I'm pretty touchy/feely (once I'm comfortable) and love kissing and holding hands. I try to see the good in everyone, put myself in other's shoes.
Not in a rush - need to be friends first. I'm really not into long, drawn-out messaging & texting that goes no where - Take a chance people! While I'm not a supermodel, I still get my fair share of male attention, so at the very least I know I'm cute enough (and cool enough) to make a good friend ;)

I am 420-friendly - but hear me now - absolutely no loafs without a job! Sorry to say that but it's gotta be said!

First meeting doesn't actually have to be a "date" - maybe just meet for a drink. But in terms of an "official" date, I LOVE to be wined & dined!