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The Summoning 2013

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I'm not too sure what I should say, so I guess i'll just jump right in. I'm 31 and like everyone else I work. In my free time I like to go out for hikes if the weather permits. I also enjoy reading almost anything, but am a big fan of Marry Roach, E.A. Poe, and bios on anyone I find interesting. I also love going to shows; one to help support the local music scene, but also I like the smaller venues. Music is very important to me and know there is a song for every emotion. I listen to rockabilly, psychobilly, outlaw country, bluegrass, and old country. And I am that dork you see with her ipod on dancing around. Doesn't matter if i'm at work cleaning or in the store picking up bread,(or in my case more likely whiskey) if I have my ipod on i'm in my own world and the need to dance around becomes great. I don't put a lot of stock in what others think about me and never really have. I clean up alright but would rather be in my jeans and a t-shirt. I have tattoos and piercings and am working on getting more of the first. Hey its my temple and i need to decorate. Not too sure what else there is to really say but i've always been an open book so feel free to ask.

Ok so since this seems to be an issue, i'm going to set all the ***holes straight. NO i will not be your f.w.b, one night stand, notch in your bedpost/belt or anything else to that effect. Just because I have tattoos and piercings does not...let me repeat that DOES NOT mean i'm a whore or easy. So if all your going to do is message me pervy things kindly go fornicate yourself. And if you don't know what fornicate means then you definitely shouldn't message me.

Pick n pull anyone?

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