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hawkgirlhere: Amazon roaming
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Redwood city, California
54 year old Femme, 180cm, Chrétienne - Autre
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Ok, recent. 10/2012.

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I'm an active, thoughtful person who enjoys good company and good humor. I love to read fiction and discuss stories and plots and characters... but enjoy being out and about doing things, learning things, or working various athletic activities. Children and animals reach something deep inside me, and I spend a lot of time working with children. I'm a mom with shared custody, and my children are my heart.

Lifestyle-wise, I'm usually running around trying to schedule too much in too short a time. Prefer to think out tricky situations ahead of time, but am at my best in the moment. I appreciate courtesy and respect, and cannot abide rudeness or condescension.

You, as a good match, are probably educated and enjoy language - you have a vocabulary and aren't afraid to use it! You are willing to talk, but listen well. Perhaps you enjoy cooking, perhaps you like to fix things, and enjoy projects... you are most definitely a man who has opinions, integrity, and can hold your ground... with a smile. Tall is a plus, but it is your essence and your character that cause me to look up to you. :) After all, it's more important to be a standup person, than how high you stand. I'm looking for a man I can respect, enjoy their company & conversation, be attracted to, and share a journey as caring & passionate equals. And have fun with! - perhaps you can help me remember how to waltz? Or teach me how to weld? I have a restless curiosity...

If tall women aren't your style - beware! I'm below six feet, but only by a sliver. :)

*Note: Currently, although legally my status is "separated," the drama is well past, households have been separate for well over a year, and the paperwork has just dragged out. Long-term marriages leave more to be untangled, I suppose. Because to me separated implies uncertainty, I initially listed myself here as divorced, but became concerned that someone else might have a different perspective and would need to know the literal. So there it is.

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