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Ne fume pas avec Silhouette normale
Rocky point, New York
48 year old Une femme, 157cm, Catholique
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Caucasienne Poisson avec Châtains
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nyJJdd36 Recherche activement une relation sérieuse
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Animaux domestiques Aucun Couleur des yeux Bruns
A une voiture? Oui A des enfants? Oui
Relation la plus longue Plus de 10 ans Êtes-vous ambitieux(se)? Très ambitieux(se)

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What i am interested in and what i get wellThat is a whole other ballgame

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I am PUTTING THE P.S FIRST BECAUSE NO ONE READS................. P.S. If you are only going to send me a , " Hello, or How are you? Or How is your day.." OMG, can we get a little more creative more like you have an interest.. It is like Purchasing a car. You need to ask and test drive before you say, I'll take it. Not , is it good on gas.? Does the CD player work.? Before you read on.. If you have Nothing to bring to the Table. Do Not pull up a chair. I am a very Independant person, Far from Insecure, I am Not into Needing Someone, or Anything. Wanting is another thing. I DO NOT Play games. I Live by the Golden Rule, Do NOT Do, What You Dont Want Done. So, Things I want done. Which I Do.. Respect, faithful, Do Not Cheat, Don't Lie.. I am Not Perfect, I just like things a certain way. I am Not the Person that is here just to get Laid. So, Move to the Next if that's what you want. I want someone to want me for Me and accept what I have in my life. Which is an autistic 20 year old, who is mentally 12 years old. I would not Trade him in for the World. He is a Good,Lovable kid. I Never or Do Not expect someone to take any sort of care of him or anything..Their is not much to take care of, he gets treated like a regular kid. Anyway. I figured I would let the Fish World know. I am Proud of my Son.. Don't misinterrupt my appearance. Yes I have Tattoos and Implants. that does Not Mean I am a Bimbo. Some people hang their pics on the wall, I like them on me.LOL. I Hate LONG Walks on the Beach. For What to have to walk back, I would rather walk a little on the beach, plop down and talk, or whatever ... If you are Only seperated and still Legally Bound to a Wife. Do Not bother to write me.. Anyway. I hope you all find what your wanting in life. xo P.S. OMG some of the Photos you men have on here. LEAVE YOUR SHIRTS ON AND YOUR BODY PARTS BEHIND closed Pants.. WOW..NAPOLEON COMPLEX on Here.. Quarter inch Killers. fully Erect. For Real. You should be Embarassed.. And your Quote UnQuote Sexy Shots.. Well... uumm If you have sugar in your tank and Wear Your Pants Under your Rear End. Their Real Sexy for Bubba, Not Barbara... I am Appalled how many LOWLIFES are on here.. And Now I know why I am still Single. I have Standards. and I have Respect For MySelf. Look. I have one Rectal Cavity in my Pants, I do NOT NEED 2.. I have Come to the Conclusion, Your all on here Looking for a Piece of Ass... That is not what I am into.. If that is what you just want.. Don't waste MY Time .. P.S. If you are only going to send me a , " Hello, or How are you? Or How is your day.." OMG, can we get a little more creative more like you have an interest..

If it should get to that point.. We can talk about it...


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