Soffie12: Curious, outgoing nomad
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Sacramento, California
49 year old Femme, 163cm, Autre
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Caucasienne, Lion
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fall 2011

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I don't have premium membership, so send a real message if you want to connect.

I have learning French on my bucket list and decided not to wait any longer. I am a military veteran. I loved my time in the service, lived in Europe and Asia, met folks from every continent. I love to travel and try eating the local cuisine (from snacks off carts, 5 course formal dinners, bar food, to all styles of restaurants, anything from the BBQ).

I am very curious - I like to read where my interest leads me. For most of my life I was very career oriented and a serious work-a-holic, but lately find my schedule is my own. Friends and family are the most important things to me.

I love to laugh - and be with people who make me laugh. My favorite game is Balderdash - I am a horrible liar, but love to try to get folks to believe my made-up balderdash definitions... You know it is my bogus play if you play with me and one of the answer choices is "the soft underbelly of a sea urchin". I am not always ticklish, but I like it when you try to tickle :)

The best part of camping is starting, feeding and poking at the fire. My brother is a fireman - so the poking is at a minimum when he comes.

I like to cook (sometimes my experiments turn out good, sometimes they make for a good story later :-O ) my homemade beef jerky rocks!
I like to fish, snow ski and take photographs. I have an entrepreneur's spirit, but have not found my fluglebinder yet. :)

I am a bad guesser - so if you have something on your mind just tell me. I promise to do the same.

Fall is my favorite season - Halloween is my favorite holiday.
I love spending time outside with friends.
I am a carnivore - can you grill a rare steak for me?
I like cream in my coffee
I like heffeweitzen beer
I like gravy on my chicken fried steak (I only weigh 135 so gravy is still ok :) )
I like real butter on my biscuits
If it is a veggie I probably prefer it raw
My recipe entry has been published in a Southern Living Cookbook
I love to be outside
I grew up skiing the mountains in Idaho and love going back to visit friends

I like to meet for coffee or for a drink for a first date. I think you can tell pretty quickly if you hit it off with the other person over a cup of coffee or a beer.
Anything outside!