backwoodsbarbie2: silly boys guns are for girls
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Antioch, California
23 year old Femme, 168cm, Laïc
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Caucasienne Gémeaux avec Blonds
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backwoodsbarbie2 recherche une relation amoureuse.
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Ecole secondaire

Je cherche Homme Pour Dating
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Consommation d'alcool Souvent (>3 fois/semaine) Désire des enfants? Désire des enfants
Situation de famille Célibataire Prend des drogues? Non
Animaux domestiques Chat & chien Couleur des yeux Verts
A une voiture? Oui A des enfants? Non
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I have a busy life and a beautiful baby. That being said I am very loving trustworthy and caring. I'm from texas I work in livermore monday thru friday. I have a white trash temper but raised southern so I can go out and raise hell but I'd rather be home with my baby doing laundry or cooking.
I will not beg to be talked to I won't blow your phone up I will text you once and will wait till you respond. I've met people on here that seem to want to have some co dependent stalk status chick then complain.
That's not me I won't beg plead or grovel for attention.
I will not bring a man into my child's life if your not serious then find another girl.
I'm not asking to get married or something like that I want honesty if your talking to 5 or 6 girls just say it hiding it makes you a giant douche. All that being said I'm looking for a caring man yes I'd prefer a hunting camo wearing hardworking man but this is California and camo wearing hardworking seems to have a different meaning. Also saying your a country boy doesn't mean anything if you have the manners of a ghetto pos. Just saying.