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Louisville, Kentucky
24 year old Une femme, 152cm, Autre religion
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Indienne Taureau avec Noirs
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MmmMashedTaters Recherche une relation amoureuse
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Medical Assistant/PA Student

Straight hair. :)

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Soaking up sun at the beachEnjoying a few drinks out at the poolPicnics
Techno/electronic/trance musicRandom road tripsSoccer
College footballChecking out local barsGoing to games
Dancing at a club after a long week

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Concerning my hobbies... I'm a simple girl. Nothing cheers me up like some good beats. I love techno/trance/electronic music. I'll blast some of that on the freeway and suddenly, the traffic isn't a biggie. I'm a fairly creative artsy kinda person. I love writing & reading, taking photos. I have an DSLR camera that I adore. I LOVE roadtrips. I love traveling in general. That's my biggest passion; to see as much of the world as possible. I've been around the world a little and I'm taken by awe. I cannot wait to see more of what all is out there...all the cultures, the food, the people, the scenery, everything!

My goals for the future...? I'm currently waiting to start PA (Physician Assistant) school to get my Masters in a few months. I graduated from Florida State University in 2011 and have been prepping for my next step since then with pre-reqs and work experience. Currently, I work as a medical assistant at an urgent care facility. Within the next year, I plan on starting with my next chapter. I'm a pretty self-motivated, ambitious girl who's very goal oriented. Coming out of high school, I was the valedictorian and in college, I had my hands full in a little of everything. You'll never see me being content with just having no plans regarding my future. When it comes to relaxing, I know how to kick back and have a good time. I believe there's a time and place for everything. Work and fun. A good balance is a must.

I'm incredibly outgoing and very personable. I'm 5'0 but I have an enormous personality to lack for my height. When with my group of friends, I keep everyone talking and laughing. I don't know how that works out, but I'm a talker. Don't get me wrong though, I know how to listen and I think that's why so many of my friends turn to me with their personal concerns. I'm the anchor friend. I'm always wanting to help.

Regarding my taste in music... I can listen to anything, really. Seriously. Put my playlist on shuffle and you'll see. As stated before, I'm a big techno/trance/electronic fan. Google top 50 DJs and that's basically what I listen to. Every now and then, I'll put the radio on and listen to mainstream/pop/R&B/hiphop. When it comes to music, anything works. :)

What I look for in a guy? Someone who's educated and literate. Please don't tYp lYk dis. It gives me a headache. :( If you haven't completed your college degree...I'm sure you're a great guy but I don't think it'll work (sorry, please do not get offended). I want to be with someone as motivated and driven as I am, someone who can appreciate my dedication to school. If you just got out of a relationship and not ready to move on or if you just want to hook-up, please don't message me. Know what you want in life, please, and be a go-getter! If you can joke around and make me laugh, thumbs up. Just be yourself and life will be easier for everyone. :)

I love food, so I wouldn't say no to lunch or dinner (side note: I don't eat red meat or pork but everything else is fine) or even just grabbing a smoothie/coffee. Surprise me! I don't judge by the first date. Cliche is good sometimes but there's nothing wrong with going out on a limb and trying something new.

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