aolaguez: NOT looking for like, lust, or love. JUST FRIENDS!
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fume occasionnellement avec Quelques kilos en trop silhouette
San francisco, California
25 year old Femme, 163cm, Laïc
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Hispanique, Sagittaire
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aolaguez recherche une relation amoureuse.
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Dudes are assholes & hella mad I'm only looking for friends on here. Save your insults & move the fuck on to the next girl. There's plenty of fish right? Go look for her.

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A propos de Amanda
I'm not really sure what I am doing back on here.
For now, ONLY looking for FRIENDS.
I was the happiest I have EVER been this last year.
I met this man off here, had the perfectest first date, and we grew from there.
I fell madly in love and still feel like that man is and will always be my other half.
I can honestly say, I found the love of my life. With due time, I hope he grows up & realizes how amazing he had it.
I'm sorry fellas, but my heart is completely hurt and still taken.
I don't see myself with anyone else. & it's kind of scary.
This is the first time this has ever happened. Usually I say **** it, their lost, & move on.
But I just can't. So until I can, I'll be working on myself.

Life goals:
Buy & build a home.
Go back to school.

Relationship goals:
A loyal relationship.
Fall in love.
Start a family.

I am a down to earth kind of woman, easy going, faithful, respectful, laid back, hard-worker, simple, independent, loving, kind hearted.
I am fairly blunt/honest. I just have no reason to lie.

-I'm a sucker for a good pair of pearly whites!
Looking for someone who has his dreams in line.
Perhaps someone who can keep my butt in shape, but likes to eat.. haha.

I was raised by my grandparents.
They raised me to be a strong woman.
January 20, 2014. Hardest day of my entire life. I lost my angel, my best friend, my mom to Mesothelioma cancer.
As my mom would tell me, "You're one tough cookie. You can get through anything pumpkin."

Been on my own since I graduated high school.
I have eleven piercings, Eleven tattoos, & more to come.

-Just to be flat out honest, I would love for someone to KNOW I'm worthwhile BEFORE they f-up & TRY crawling back cuz if I had a dime everytime that has happened.

(Just dates in general)
I see all these cute couples exploring the world together.
I want to be that cute couple.
I would love to take a weekend getaway.
I would love to go to several games whether it be hockey (Sharks), football (Raiders), baseball (A's), basketball (Doesn't matter)..etc.
Lets Explore The World Together because I've got NO time to waste! :)


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