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Alrighty well I graduated UCD with a degree in communications and music performance in saxophone. Currently I am working as an extra music teacher at a middle school back home. I also have an awesome marketing and merchandising full time job in SF. I am a full on music geek, but I am kind of dorky about other things too. I love music and can't go about my days without it. I got into college for math but programming every night in a creepy lab was not something that would get me to where I wanted to go. Dancing is my life. I've been training in ballet since I can remember and have been teaching for about two years. I also love love love working out and even took a little time as a personal trainer. It's really rewarding challenging/pushing people and ultimately making them feel better about themselves. I prefer being outdoors and doing something hands on. I also recently became an overnight bookworm. So when I'm not out and about I like to relax with a good read or compose some of my own music. I love hiking and snowboarding when the season calls for it. Friends and family keep me sane, and as long as I have awesome company around me I can pretty much have fun doing anything. = )

Should be something fun and relaxing where we can still be ourselves

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