OKC007: There's no way out once behind the curtain
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Ne fume pas avec Silhouette sportive
Oklahoma city, Oklahoma
35 year old Un homme, 178cm, Chrétien
Origine ethnique
Caucasienne Capricorne avec Châtains
Type de relation
OKC007 Veut rencontrer son/sa futur(e) époux(se)
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Je cherche Une femme Pour Relation sérieuse
Besoins émotionnels S/O Test de personnalité S/O
Consommation d'alcool Occasionnellement Désire des enfants? Indécis/Eventuellement
Situation de famille Divorcé(e) Prend des drogues? Non
Animaux domestiques Chien Couleur des yeux Bleus
A une voiture? Oui A des enfants? Oui
Relation la plus longue Plus de 5 ans Êtes-vous ambitieux(se)? Ambitieux(se)

A propos de Moi
Don't read this. You won't like me...

Still Here? My kinda girl!

I'm from 'round here so if my semi-traditional values and slight southern draw bother you, well I guess that works out for both of us. I have been all over the country with my career and still landed back in the wheat fields. I don't do long distance relationships (I like spooning way too much). Not interested in pen-pals, Facebook affairs or Twitter crushes. Who wants a seemingly perfect woman anyway?

I am a Dad (my biggest dream come true), Manager, Bodyguard, Bounty Hunter, Private Pilot, Private Investigator, Public Speaker (by now you are calling bs I'm sure) I follow God (not only on twitter), (and I'm parenthesis friendly!) All true but I am still not satisfied. Now I am on a mission to find the luckiest woman alive. I am sensual, romantic, hardcore, honest and faithful. Not to mention I am handy with the steel if ya know what I mean.

I'm a jack of all trades but I have mastered a handful of really important ones.

Now that I have read most of your profiles, I'm thinking about changing my name to "Emotionally Available". It seems you all want a sensitive tough guy. Consider this your lucky day because I was bipolar when bipolar wasn't cool. (Joking of course)

The nitty gritty:

I'm looking for a potential wife. I am a single Dad and as it stands I have my little one full time so it is difficult to get out and meet new potentials. With that said, I am hoping to find someone who understands and appreciates the single parent/child dynamic. I have no time to play games. So serious inquiries only. Attractive, patient, independent, loyal, very supportive, long term, take care of your man - ride or die kind of girl. Nothing less will do for me.

Well, since I am not high maintenance, don't go out of your way to impress me, after all it's is the little things that matter most ;-)

Seriously, expect something casual and chill, that is, unless you have already won me over before our first date. I wouldn't want to sweep you off of your feet before I even decide if I like you. That would really suck for both of us, don't you think?

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