LipsLiKeSugar707: B REAL wit wha u want wit me it'll get u furtha
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Sf->l.a work & live lafayette, California
32 year old Femme, 165cm, Laïc
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LipsLiKeSugar707 souhaite faire des sorties, sans prise de tête.
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music and fashion

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I love movies, traveling, music, and the ocean, im very out spoken and strong minded, if i don't believe something is right i will say something, i treat people the way they treat me and i don't put up with a lot of bs unless its paying my bills like my job :) i said im a occasional smoker i like shisha its a Arabic flavored tobacco i only smoke that like once a year and a cig here and there with a friend but not every day i dont think thats its good to smoke everyday, i love every kind of music diff countries i have a slight obsession for middle easterns... and of course my Azorian and Portuguese men... and anyone who's Latin based or Mediterranean, I'm 100% Azorian and speak Portuguese ,Spanish and i understand a quarter French and Italian i love football too ! american and European try to guess which country i rep in soccer :)if you want to get to know me don't be shy i love guys who are geeky to preppy to mr. tough guy buplease do not be ghetto ;-)P.S IF U R MARRIED OR HAVE A ARRANGE MARRIAGE DONT BOTHER TALKING TO ME!!! HAVE A NICE DAY :)


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