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supergirl V: Dreaming in my pink clouds
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Garden grove, California
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Asiatique, Vierge
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supergirl V recherche une relation amoureuse.
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Life is a journey to discover enriching experiences and newfound happiness. I am an intellectual who loves learning and accomplishing the goals I have set. My personality is positive and reserved. I strongly believe in living a balanced, healthy, and meaningful life. I don't like long-distance relationships and I don't date much because I know what I'm looking for.....It's okay, I don't mind being single/independent, but I'm looking for a superMan, someone with qualities and shared interests like mine. I'm not stuck up at all, but to be honest, I am looking for my match, someone to share the rest of my life with. Nowadays, I stay home watching movies by myself...Where are you superMan to rescue me....Hehehe! I'm at the point in my life where I'm successful with a fulfilling career, own my beautiful home, nice car, and living a sweet life. Sorry, not intended to show off but just to depict a clear portrayal of me so viewers understand that I'm not a typical girl. Additionally, I love to cook and have been told that I cook better than many restaurants. Hehehe........ Well, I'm fun to be around as well as funny. ;) I love to laugh and be happy. I luv to sing karaoke (I have my own professional system at home to sing to myself) & dance with my gfs a few times a year. My new goal is writing to publish.

I am looking for an attractive man who's intelligent, financially responsible, and humorous. I am an independent woman who's very picky. I have a Master's degree and a great job. I balance my professional and social life. I'm very open-minded and young at heart. I'm totally a girlie girl and love the simple things in life. I'm quite happy staying at home listening to music, cooking, watching movies, reading/writing, and relaxing. I'm passionate about living a meaningful life fulfilling my dreams and desires. I like being happy and find joys in living a healthy lifestyle. I'm really sweet to those I choose to be with. However, I'm straightforward with what I want and have high standards and expectations. I don't play games nor flirt with guys when I go out to enjoy the nightlife with my gfs because I have solid, genuine values. I am a dark angel who's well-balanced, talented, and have varied interests ;)

Cupid already tried tempting my heart with his piercing arrows but it's buried deep in the clouds of dreams awaiting for superMan. My mind is stubborn and strong so the standards are high but melts with admiration towards the SuperMan Sweetiepie that I am dreaming of. So far away from my real-life. I don't play games because I'm not that type and truthfully don't want to mislead anyone. I am very selective because I'm busy and picky. I just love listening to music! So what now? Til' Superman enchants me...

It depends if there's chemistry.


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