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kirsty & john
We meet on POF in the 11/4/2013 and hit it off straight away. We went on afew dates then in the july we moved in together. and now we are married and we couldnt be happier thanks to pof
Mariés 7/2014
Lena & Richard
Perfect Match
Corny as it sounds, and just as unbelievable, I met my husband/best friend on this site. We were married exactly a year later and now have two daughters. I know that might not happen for everyone but for me, I found my soulmate online.
Mariage 10/2012
Amanda & Wayne
When you know, you know
Wayne sent me a message on Plenty of Fish the very first night that I signed up. We messaged back and forth online that first night and when I decided he is likely not crazy or a weirdo, I agreed to give him my number. We communicated via text and phone calls for one week and then went on our 1st date. Less than a year later we were engaged and 8 months after that we were married. Neither of us have ever felt what we feel with another person and we have never been happier.
Mariés 5/2014
My missing puzzle piece
After my 22 year marriage ended, I was determined to be single & not get serious with anyone ever again. I decided to get on POF just to meet new people & just have fun. I had to weed out a few crazies, but the 3rd man I went out with was Charles. Our date felt awkward at first but the longer we sat there the more I felt like I had known him my whole life, like a male version of myself. Charles had been through hell & back with his ex-wife, so we had alot in common.That kind of scared me a bit,...  Lire la suite
Alyne & Wagner
Acreditar que Deus está por perto ouvindo e atento a tudo que você deseja e está disposto a lutar! Tudo que foi preciso fazer foi CRER que Deus desta vez iria me presentear com o amor da minha vida, e apenas teria que busca-lo de alguma forma, afinal ele não iria bater na minha porta com rosas amarelas e uma caixa de chocolate as 24hs rsrsrs. Procurei incansavelmente, me decepcionei algumas vezes, mas não desisti porque estava prepara para amar e Deus era meu aliado! Encontrei alguém que fez ...  Lire la suite
Mariés 9/2014
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