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Martin & Denise
Fate is a very real thing
I was sneaking on the office computer one day to check my messages and do a quick search. Well I forgot to check the box that says show profiles with pics only and got the page up and realized i forgot to check that box, so the ones without photos popped up first. Now I never looked at ones with no pics before, but being as it was that i was sneaking on the computer at work i only had a few moments so i clicked on the very first profile to read....i liked what i read, and after a few e-mails bac...  Lire la suite
Mariés 3/2010
Myriane & Sol
We found each other here!
Without POF, my husband and I might have never met. We were both living in the same city but I don't see how our path would have crossed without this dating website. I, a French Canadian working for the Government and he, English Canadian, working for a private company, had different interests and were not going out in the same places. We were not even at the same stage in our respective lives. I wanted something serious and he just wanted to have fun. I was charmed right away but didn't show it...  Lire la suite
Mariage 9/2012
Vanessa & Michael
Twist of Fate
A few years ago I decided to try online dating with POF. I went on a few dates, met some nice ppl, but nothing serious. Then I met Michael, I msged him first since I kept my pictures pvt. I sent a msg saying I liked his profile and if interested to msg me back, I attached a pic and that was it. We exchanged numbers, shared a couple txts... and then one day he was passing thru my city and asked if I had time to meet. I get to tim hortons, extremely nervous (you never know if someone will be bette...  Lire la suite
Mariés 10/2013
Mike & Rosse
Love at first sight
I met Rosse in march of 2013. From the 1st second I saw her I fell in love. I knew she was the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. We are now engaged and planning on getting married in the summer of 2014. I thank god for bringing us together . It seems that we were meant for each other even though Rosse is from El Salvador and I am from England. Strange that we met in Colorado. I love her with all my heart. Te amo Rosse . Xxxxxxx
Dawillams & Wanda
Linda perfeita conquistou meu coração.
O primeiro encontro da gente foi em um shopping center, e aconteceu do jeitinho que eu havia dito como queria meu primeiro encontro. É muita coincidência! Sou muito grato de coração pelo o Pof existir, porque sem ele não teria encontrado meu amor verdadeiro.
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