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Evelyn & Allen
The love I thought I may never find...
We met in August 2011. A great friendship set the foundation for the relationship that followed. He is such a good man and I am proud to say that he proposed January 2014 and I accepted!
Felicia & Gregory
North Meets South
Gregory and I found each other on this site. We had instant chemistry and compatibility. Our first date was on 9/1/2012. He proposed on 11/2013 and we married on 1/11/2014. We both are mature adults and knew what we did and did not want in a relationship. God had a plan. Thank You Plenty of Fish for being part of his plan. Greg & Felicia
Mariés 1/2014
craig & christine
c and c
i was very discouraged with pof, my big concern was all the women had like 300 to 500 favorites, so i thought it was kind of a scam, had never really been on computer before never mind a dating site, i figured if they had so many people interested why were they still here. so i came across Chrissy's profile, all the same interests , same age , very beautiful, and not one favorite! could this be real? i went back through her profile and under first date requirements all hers said was surprise ...  Lire la suite
Mariés 2/2010
Todd & Haley
Todd & Haley
I thought i would never find anyone worth my time. I was about to shut down my site, until i had seen Haley's profile. I went and read it and sent her a message, and with in 10 minutes i got a reply back with her. We exchanged numbers, and we went out on a date and I met her sister and father, from that date we had a instant connection. We knew we were the one for each other, and we are so much a like with our humor and the way we think. We want to say thank you POF for putting together a site t...  Lire la suite
Benjamin & Taline
How 2 Gamers Found Each Other :)
She was my first message from a profile with no picture so I was skeptical at first but figured there's nothing to lose. I then discovered she lived in Edmonton (I live in Vancouver) but we clicked so well that neither of us cared (12 hour drive between the 2 cities). Then I found out she had plans to teach English in Japan for a year but that didn't matter either. I knew I had found my special someone. We kept in touch through Skype and talked to each other every night. Then I thought, "I've ne...  Lire la suite
Mariés 6/2013
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