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Jennifer & Dimitri
It Can Happen
Dimitri and I met on POF in March 2012 and immediately felt a connection. I was a bit weary at first after having some unsuccessful online dating experiences, but he seemed genuine and was interested in really getting to know me. We exchanged numbers after a few POF emails and talked offline for a few days before meeting for our first date of bowling followed by dinner. We had a nice time and that began our romance. We begin discussing marriage after a few months and by July were engaged. Things...  Lire la suite
Mariés 1/2013
martin & beverly
all thanks to pof
we talked online on pof and decided to meet on aug 9th, from the moment we met it was love at first sight and we got on together liked we had known each other forever, i know it sounds like a book or a movie but its true. everything is just perfect and now we are planning our marriage on april 26th 2014 which is going to be a 1950s wedding as we are both into that scene and rock n roll. our thanks go to pof and all involved with pof . i hope everyone out there has as much luck as we did, thanks ...  Lire la suite
Mariés 4/2014
Andrea & Allen
Dreams do come true....
I was a little skeptical at first, not knowing what i was going to find. Allen was one of the first profile that caught my eye. At first I thought to myself, man he is way to good looking for me, but what the heck why not? So I wrote him and we met on Jan. 12, 2011. We have been inseparable since. We got engaged in June of 2012 and are planning a wedding for May of this year! He is the most amazing man i have ever met and he loves me and my daughter so much. My daughter has taken to him very wel...  Lire la suite
Mariés 5/2013
Andrea & Doug
The real deal
Everyone tells you that online dating does not work. Recently in the news, you have heard the term "catfishing" when referring to people who date online and then end up not being who they say they are. Our story however, is the complete opposite! Both Doug and Andrea were single for some time and were quite content with waiting for the right person to come along. Andrea had heard of a couple success stories through online dating but was still a bit skeptical. Once she heard of two different c...  Lire la suite
Mariés 6/2013
Brean & Michael
POF introduced me to my One in Six Billion
Dear Plenty of Fish: I don'tknow whether to tell you 'My Story', or 'Our Story' - but there is a story and I am grateful for it. When the online dating scene began to trend, I also jumped on the bandwagon. My outlook was that even if I never met the love of my life online, I could meet interesting people and make friends and connections with people that wouldn't otherwise cross my path. Of course, it was also a convenient way to introduce myself to people as a single mother of two af...  Lire la suite
Mariés 6/2013
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