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valdir  & Eunice
BOM como vcs sabem..me cadastrei no dia 03 /03/2012com o objetivo de encontrar uma mulher especialcom os mesmo objetivos que eu..de receber ,dar carinho,atenção.fazer feliz..amar respeitar...e fazer o máximo de bem..pra pessoa companheira..e cumplice..em adoração ao Senhor..divorciado recentementequeria ficar´só..porém sempre fui sincero quanto ao que buscavafui sempre claro no meu objetivo..e nao aceitava quando vinham..querendo só passear...e isso deixava pessoas muito bravas.a s vezes..me env...  Lire la suite
Mariés 1/2014
Emily & Andrew
Me and Andrew began talking on POF in August 2013. We both decided right after corresponding a few times that we would delete our accounts and text and call eachother exclusively. I knew right away that he was going to be special. We talked for 3 months before meeting, every single day. He became my best friend and go to guy. We live about 3 hours away from eachother and he was truck driving most of the time. We used snap chat and voxer to communicate as well as phone calls and texting on a dai...  Lire la suite
Mariés 8/2014
Indie & Geoff
After years of waiting, we both found one another.
The night Geoff messaged me on here, I was ready to delete my account and give up on finding love but his message changed my mind. We began talking on Facebook and that first night, we spent over 4 hours chatting about everything and anything. I knew I liked him straight away, even before I met him. We recognised one another from when we were teens which was pretty cool. After a week of chatting we decided to watch movies at mine and get to know one another. As soon as I opened the front door I ...  Lire la suite
Mariés 2/2014
I should have met him in person a couple of times, but I met him here instead.
This man is all I have ever wanted and then some. I am beyond blessed to have found him. He isn't perfect. He isn't prince charming. But that is ok. Because I am not perfect either. What he is though--is the perfect man for me. God made a man who gets me and loves me for me. He is my bestfriend. He knows each one of my deepest secrets and he loves me anyway. On our first date I knew that he loved me. He didn't. I knew because on our first date I met his best friend. She is currently still in lov...  Lire la suite
Mariés 1/2015
Jessie & Jonathon
True love does exist....
I seen Jon's picture and I just had to say hi.. He was so mesmerizing to me and I was about 60 lbs heavier then I am now but I wa drawn to him .. I said hello and he wrote back .. We spoke for 12 hour the first night we spoke and the next day I said let's meet ... Jon agreed and we went on a walk for hours walking around his neighborhood... He has never seen my weight as an issue and makes me feel like a princess everyday.. We just felt ment to be.. The first night we spoke Jon said " I am goin...  Lire la suite
Mariés 11/2014
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