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Mitchell & Keeley
Hippies pronounce Love
It all started with one simple sentence. "What's your favorite ocean creature?" After that I was hooked. She has a face of a goddess and a mind to match it. She was the only one to actually make me think about my answer, and whom i awaited anxiously for her reply. We talked on POF for a couple weeks and then the sentence that changed my life forever. "Here's my number, you can text me if you'd like, it just takes to long to reply on POF." I instantly grabbed my phone to text this beautiful woman...  Lire la suite
Mariés 9/2013
Kelsey & Jacob
There are two less fish in the sea!
I met my now fiance' on Plenty of Fish back in October of 2011. We just got engaged in December of 2012 and our wedding date is set for 06.14.14! I was a bit skeptical of the whole online dating thing, but it had worked for so many of my friends and people that I knew, so I decided to give it a try. I met Jacob only a few weeks after I started my account with Plenty of Fish. I immediately fell in love with him and have never had such a loving relationship with a man like what I have with him. ...  Lire la suite
Mariés 6/2014
Alexa & Mike
I have the most handsome husband in the world!
I had just moved to the beach in California and my friend had shown me the POF site so I used it as a way to make friends in the area. So when my future husband came along and we met I wasn't interested in dating. But he was persistent and I came to love him very quick. He was being honerably discharged from the Navy in ten months and had plans to go to school in Florida. Because of my beliefs I didn't want to live with him before marriage and he happens to be the same religion. He asked my fath...  Lire la suite
Mariage 10/2011
Kenny  & Jill
I never thought i'd be happy, And i NEVER thought i'd met my dream girl. POF made my long life dream come true. Ive never fallen in love so fast. i can finally have a relationship with no worrys. I met Jill on August 25, 2012 and saw instantly that she was the one.. There was just something about her and we clicked i asked her out a day later and we have been going strong ever since. She is truly my dream girl. we cant go a day with out finishing eachothers sentences. or thi...  Lire la suite
Mariés 9/2014
Mary & Dave
Happy everafter
Dave contacted me on pof wasnt sure of this tall man since I'm only 5 foot tall..We talk for awhile and he ask those three little words that all women want to hear .He said (lets go camping) We had time of our life didnt caught one fish ,But we sure did caught the love bug..Thank you so so much pof.com you are the best site on here We plan a wedding in 2015 june.....I would recomment this site to anyone who wants true love its the bomb....I found my soul mate here love you love
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