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Kelly & Brian
Brian & I both joined POF in January 2011. We began messaging & talking on the phone and met up within a week at a local coffee shop. We had so much in common & really connected! We fell in love and are now happily married!
Mariage 11/2011
Houston & Kenzie
got so lucky
Kenzie and i met each other on what seemed to be just another first date, but what we didn't know is that night would become the most important nights of our lives! Because on this night we forever bound our destinies one with the other! This first date lasted 48 hours and it was filled with conversation, smiles,full hearted laughter, emotional tears, and we both knew, what we were going to mean to each other! It only took a couple if days to realize what we had was true Love.thank you pof!
Mariés 2/2015
chrissy & randy
found my soul mate
Thank god for POF, I met Randy and we both knew that we were going to be together for the rest of our lives. The first day we talked for 13 hours straight, two days later I met him and as soon as we saw each other we knew that we had found the person we were suppose to be with forever!! Happy to say that on February 25th 2013 we got married. We are both totally in love and the happiest we have ever been. So for all you people that are still fishing dont give up it does happen.
Mariés 2/2013
Maryann & Terence
Found the one!
Terence and I had our first date in June 2012 and from the moment I met him, I knew he was different than so many others I'd met. He brought flowers and paid for dinner and told me, "if you play your cards right, you could come with me to Mardi Gras in New Orleans in February". Fast forward 8 months, and that's where we got engaged!! We're so compatible. We haven't fought (yet) and our communication is incredible. Planning our wedding is fun and exciting, but I'm more looking forward to...  Lire la suite
Mariés 10/2013
Crista & Jamie
Found love, nightmare honeymoon
Jamie and I met on POF in Sept of 2011. We instantly fell in love and within one year we were married in a beautiful ceremony. The next day we flew to Cancun for our honeymoon and on the very first morning, my new husband ruptured his esophagus and was in critical condition. He had 8 hours of emergent surgery on mexico to save his life. He was on life support for 5 days and spent 18 days in the hospital on feeding tubes and 3 more subsequent procedures. I am elated to report that 3 months late...  Lire la suite
Mariage 12/2012
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