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Debbie & Philip
Finding our Soul Mates
Debbie and I had the good fortune of finally finding each other, looking and praying over the years to find the ideal, if not perfect soul mate to complete ourselves in a manner hoped for by many but rarely achieved. I was hesitant to write to her because she was such a perfect Angle that appeared beyond my reach and my wildest expectations. Not thinking she would ever respond I wrote a brief note more as a lark than as a real attempt to reach out. Reading her profile, she stated she would l...  Lire la suite
Mariés 2/2013
Laura & Christopher
When you know you know !!!!!!!!
After so long of searching for my soul mate, this dating site obviously works!! The man of my dreams had sent me a message and I instantly replied to see if there was something there. We messaged for five days and both agreed on meeting each other soon. That weekend he surprised and drove six and a half hours to where I was living to come and meet me. It was love at first sight!!!! He is everything I've ever wanted and I knew something special was there.We went out on our first date that night a...  Lire la suite
Antoine & Jeannie
Madly in love
I met Jeannie here on Pof, and my life has been transformed. This is an awesome woman, we hit it off immediately. In just a short time period we both have come to realize that we want to spend the rest of our lives together.
Sarah & Ransford
Love at first hug....
Well we first started messaging on December 29th 2011. I was working a night shift and on a break was showing my friend POF. She turned and said to me 'what do you think of him?', I replied, 'oh he's a bit alright!', she then turned to me and said, 'well he's just messaged you!'. I then waited until the morning to reply and went off to sleep presuming I wouldn't get a response back. I awoke to find a message waiting for me. We swapped a couple of messages over the next few days and in the wee...  Lire la suite
Mariés 5/2014
Hillary  & Steven
Finally Happy !!!
From video games to camping our love has grown in every direction. Thank you to POF for making this all possible. Skeptical about online dating at first, this has been an amazing journey that will change with a wedding and in the future a family. We are very happy and very blessed in our love and our lives. Our families love each other just as much as we do.
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