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India & Lee
The Only Fish for ME
Lee and I meet months ago on this wonderful site. We saw that we had an instant connection like no other! After meeting face to face soon after chatting here, we were pretty sure that each of us had found the missing link to our lives. There was no denying it! Lee and I married April 2 2014, in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. I couldn't be happier than I am today, if it wasn't for POF bringing us together. Thank you POF!
Mariés 4/2014
Apryl & Antoine
Met on here and instantly found love. This man has made me feel complete thanks Pof. He was an awesome find.
Roxanne & Steven
Love at first site
We met for dinner and immediately hit it off. It was love at first site. It is possible.
Mariés 4/2014
Mark   & Tina
I had been attending the Lincoln POF nights (last Friday of every month - organised by Jan) since October 12 and found no success. On April 26th 2013 Tina came with her sister Kerry (who I had become friends with at previous POF nights) and Kerry introuduced Tina to me and we go on so very well never stopped takling all night and met up the next day for a meal and we introuced each other to one anothers family and have never been apart since. I proposed to Tina on her birthday 20th October 2014 ...  Lire la suite
Mariés 4/2015
Tawni & Jeff
Match made in Heaven
We met on POF and quickly formed an unbreakable bond. We were inseperable from day one. I've never had such a wonderful man in my life and even though it took a very long time in my life, I'm very happy he's in my life. He's not only an amazing husband and father, he's a best friend. Thanks POF for bringing us together!
Mariés 4/2014
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