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phil & shaun
finally found my prince
After being single for over a year, i found a profile with the most handsome guy in the pic. After taking a chance and messaging him, I had no idea he would message me back, I was 9 years older than him, and thought he wouldn't want to date someone older than him. How wrong was I ?. He messaged back and from then on we ended up phoning and skyping each other nearly every night, until that dreaded moment comes when you meet in person for the all important first date. I was worrying for nothing, t...  Lire la suite
Mariés 8/2014
Anna & Teddy
Unexpected Love
I really wasn't expecting to meet the love of my life when i joined this website, i was hoping i would but didn't really have high hopes to find my soul mate. Usually on here you get roses sent to you from the guys, but i saw this cute and fun looking guy who i had a lot in common with and decided to just send him a rose..and that's it. After that we couldn't stop talking and we finally met after a couple weeks of talking. He eventually met my family and I his. A few months later we are engage...  Lire la suite
Diana & John
At Last
John and I met on POF. It instantly unfolded in a very easy and natural way. It is wonderful to finally meet a person that I do not have to make compromises for. He is all I ever asked for and more. We feel so blessed and can't wait for the next chapter in our lives.
Mariés 3/2015
Robert & Melissa
love at first sight
When we started sending messages to eachother, it really grew fast, once we first met up, we both truly had a different feeling that couldnt be described. After the first coffee date, when i went home i couldnt wait to see her again, so i texted her that same night asking if we can go out again tomorrow lol, but she had to work. I know i was rushing but i really couldnt help myself. Their was something about her i just needed more and fast, by the second or third week of hanging out, i told h...  Lire la suite
Mariés 5/2014
Leianne & Walt
Sunshineman_ and Sunshinelover2 find Happiness
Walt had been single for a number of years and I was single for a short period of time when we met through Plenty of Fish. Our first date was at a restaurant and I can still remember him waiting outside for me. He did not want me to come inside alone to search for him. He was a gentleman from the beginning and still is today. We quickly discovered we shared a love for good bourbon and have enjoyed many nights exploring different types of bourbon. Walt is such a wonderful man and full of life - h...  Lire la suite
Mariés 4/2014
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