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J & Gene
POF works
I met my husband on the site just as we both were considering getting off the site. We met on POF but didn't go out for a few months. We run into each other at a local store and reconnected after losing touch on POF for a few weeks. Two months later we were dating and Two month after we started dating I met his parents and traveled with him and had a great time. We are now contemplating a family if God blesses us. We lived in the same town for the same amount of time and I am not a 100% sure if ...  Lire la suite
Mariés 3/2013
Chantelle & Jason
Just married
We got married two days ago on the first anniversary of our first date! Absolutely loving it! Found my soulmate :)
Mariés 5/2014
Casey & Ryan
Connect from the first moment!
Ryan & I met on POF in July 2013, he right away told me he wasn't ready for a relationship and didn't know what I was looking for. I told him I was just meeting people and that if something happened great, but if not that would be fine. From the first moment we met we spent everyday together. Finally in August we decided to be exclusively in a relationship! Just a few short months later, he proposed in Las vegas on the Gondola ride at the Venetian! I love to point out that he didn't want a relat...  Lire la suite
Mariés 7/2014
christina & Rafael
The online thing can work after all.
After awhile of me trying these dating sites and having bad date after date i was about to delete my account. Right before i did he found me. We met in Feb of 2013 and talked for a few weeks on the site. Then we decided to meet. We got along so well that things went fast. By Nov of 2013 we were engaged and just got married in May 2014. We are also happy to announced we will be having a baby girl in July. We still look back and laugh that we met on this site because we really didn't think it woul...  Lire la suite
Mariés 5/2014
Kelly & Corey
Kelly & Corey
We hit it off immediately!! We met at our Local Mall and ended up sitting in the food court for 3 hours and had already made plans for the fall and winter. We have the same beliefs and Family values. If it wasn't for my friend putting me on this site then I would have never have found him. After we were getting to know each other we realized I had cut his hair 2 weeks prior to meeting on the web site. Just sitting across from one anther we knew we were meant to be. The day I knew I really loved ...  Lire la suite
Mariés 5/2014
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