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Tawni & Jeff
Match made in Heaven
We met on POF and quickly formed an unbreakable bond. We were inseperable from day one. I've never had such a wonderful man in my life and even though it took a very long time in my life, I'm very happy he's in my life. He's not only an amazing husband and father, he's a best friend. Thanks POF for bringing us together!
Mariés 4/2014
Dwayne & Jami
True love
Met my wife and had our first date at the zoo. Over the next couple years, I got my life back on track. It's amazing what you can do when you have the right support and love in your life. I've lost over 200 lbs, and am back in school loving and living my life. We just found out that we are pregnant with our first child. My life has never been the same, and it all started with just one little message on POF. Thank you so much.
Mariage 7/2012
Julie & Jason
Meant To Be...
Jason & I hit it off from the start. He wasn't the usual type that I dated but was willing to go out of the norm. I'd gotten out of a very rough 12 year relationship about 7 mos before I met him, so I wasn't really looking for anything long term or serious. Apparently fate had other plans! A friend of mine, who also met her significant other on POF, suggested I go on the site and setup a profile. So I did and got messages from various members. Jason messaged me first and later told me that he di...  Lire la suite
Mariés 4/2014
Emiliano & Courtney
Opposites Attract
After finally giving up trying to find my soulmate/the perfect girl. I decided to open up my options. I thought that maybe everyone doesn't find that perfect someone or that I might not find that "perfect" girl but that I would have to settle for being single and unhappy. I was feeling down in the dumps when a friend told me to try downloading the app Plenty of Fish on my smart phone. WIthin minutes my confidence was back. I got responses from numerous singles in the area. I was able to go on da...  Lire la suite
Mariés 8/2014
Amber & Emmanuel
He messaged me on a Thursday and we met on a Saturday and we have been inseparable ever since. We messed perfectly. His family and my family fit together like it has been then way always. He proposed at a dinner of all our friends and family. Although everything happened quickly no one has objected to our relationship. It is obvious to see that we are happy. I have found my best friend for life.
Mariés 5/2015
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